Mineralogical Museum in Milos

The Mineralogical Museum of Milos, Cyclades: To learn about how mines and minerals have affected the history of Milos, one of the most famous Greek islands, you should visit the Mineralogical Museum of Milos. This museum is located in the town of Adamas, near the main harbor. This museum was established to help promote the effects of the mine on the history of Milos and to display the mineral wealth of Milos. This museum was financed by S &B Industrial Minerals S.A.

On an average, about 15,000 people come to this museum every year. They first started building this museum in 1995 and finished it 3 years later. It was officially opened to the public on May 23, 1998. Inside the museum, you can see objects, pictures, and photos that depict the uniqueness of the geology of Milos. You can also learn about the mining history of Milos. There is also a tribute to the people who have worked in the mines in Milos in the past.

The museum building has two floors and a basement. The main exhibitions are on the two floors of the building. There are auxiliary rooms in the basement. When you visit the ground floor of this building, you will first learn about the mining history and activities of Milos.

The history can be traced through photographs, representations, and paintings that show the different periods of Miloan mining spanning centuries. Around this presentation, there are maps that depict the geology and topography of Milos in the past and in the present. You can see tools and instruments that were used in the mines. When you go to the first floor, you will find a presentation that depicts the vast mineral wealth of Milos.

The museum houses mineral samples from current mining in Milos. These samples are in window cases with photos and information about the processing and uses of the minerals. In the auxiliary rooms of the basement, there is a conference room that can hold up to 40 people. Here videos that related to this museum are shown. The room is also let out for scientific events and seminars. The other room is used for educational programs, special exhibitions, etc.

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