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Adamas Village Milos: Adamas is one of the biggest settlements in Milos, with over 1300 permanent inhabitants and the island's main ferry port is also located there.
The seaside town is located 4 km away Plaka, the island's capital town, and it has a traditional Cycladic character, with whitewashed houses reflecting on the shimmering waters of the Aegean Sea.

The village was founded in 1835 by refugees from Sfakia of Crete island who arrived after a failed rebellion against the Ottomans. The town was constructed on top of the remnants of a ruined ancient settlement that collapsed hundreds of years ago.

From these times and on, Adamas started growing and it became an important cultural and commercial center thanks to its large and safe natural harbor, as well as its strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

In the area of Adamas, you will find a few beaches and various facilities, such as banks, a post-office, doctors offices, tourist agencies and the port police offices. Museums and churches are among the top things to see in Adamas, while different types of hotels are also available for your accommodation.

Things to do

Strolling around the stone-paved alleys of Adamas, you will come across many shops, restaurants, cafes and bars that are worth visiting. The area is particularly known for its intense nightlife as well.

In addition, a few important cultural institutions that are located in Adamas attract many visitors on a daily basis. We highly recommend visiting the Mineralogical Museum to find out more about interesting aspects of the local geology, as well as the Nautical Museum which houses exhibits related to maritime that date as far back as the prehistoric period.
The historic Conference Centre is also among the signature landmarks of Adamas.
Lastly, a few old churches can be spotted in the streets of Adamas; the one that stands out the most is Agia Triada Church, where you will also discover the Ecclesiastical Museum.

While visiting Adamas, don't skip a visit to the beach! Although this is the island's main port, it has been designed in such a way that there is no pollution. The sand and shingle beaches of Papikinou and Lagada have crystal clear waters and long seashores, surrounded by greenery.

Another option from Adamas port is to participate in an organized excursion. Boat trips that start from the port will take you to secluded beaches all around the island and other interesting places, including the caves of Kleftiko.

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Hotels in Adamas

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Santa Maria Village Resort and Spa

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Santa Maria Village Resort and Spa is a beautiful 4-star complex located in the charming village of Adamas, just within a short walk from the beach. It offers a spacious garden and patio with a pool, a poolside bar, a Jacuzzi, and a breakfast room. The elegant rooms are cozy and include all ...

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Sarakiniko Rooms


Conveniently located in the area of Adamas, close to the beach and the port, the Cycladic building complex of Sarakiniko Rooms offers a holiday to remember in a beautiful Cycladic environment, with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the mountainous landscape.


Arco Solium Suites


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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 07 Nov 2015
    Adamas is Milos port and a place you won't miss even if you want.
    It is just an average port and you won't get Naxos port or old town there. Just a regular, average spot which nevertheless has everything you need- you go there to shop, eat or appoint your boat tour.
    The only "problem" is (I said the same for Plaka) that it is small. If you went for a walk in Adamas, you'll pass it in 15 minutes unless you decide to continue outside the centre and walk along the road leading to other places.
  • ablutsauger 05 Nov 2015
    Caves everywhere
    Caves, caves everywhere :)
    Sea caves are one of the characteristics and most beautiful things on Milos.
    Everywhere you go - by boat, to remote beaches, inaccessible by car, normal beaches... you'll find caves.
    I can't recommend it enough - boat tour around the island! Some may find it expensive, but this is experience to remember! Kleftiko, for example. If you don't go to Kleftiko, don't go to Milos at all. You'll find yourself crying at Kleftiko, believe me. Those colours, that calmness, sea life... you'll feel like in paradise.
    Then Sykia cave... Cave beach! Indescribable!
    Papafragas, Kapros, Glaronissia and many more. Swim, play and enjoy!