Milos Antimilos Islet

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Location: Adamas

Antimilos islet: The islet of Antimilos is located 13 miles to the northwest of Milos Island. It is also called Erimomilos, which means deserted Milos. Basically, it is an unoccupied mass of a volcanic rock type. In fact, the caldera of the volcano is still obvious today. Today the islet may be uninhabited but there are signs that show previous settlements and cultivations on it. Its ancient residents used the old caldera as a rain tank to save water.

The coastline of this islet is rocky and has only one pebbled beach to the south. The waters of this beach are not deep, although the depth between Milos and Antimilos exceeds the 200m. Antimilos islet is a National Reserve since it hosts rare flora and fauna. Among the species of flora found on the islet, we should mention Torilis heterophylla, Centaurium maritimum, and Silene sedoides. There are also different types of dwarf shrubs, typical of lowland dry soils. We should mention that the predominance of a volcanic substrate combined to its relief and geological background form the proper conditions for the growth of rare species.

As for the fauna of the islet, a rare type of goat should be mentioned, similar to the Cretan goat kri-kri. There are also lizards, migrating birds, seabirds and raptors, living on the cliffs of the islet. All these fauna types are protected by Greek laws and international conventions. Hunting and illegal fishing are strictly forbidden there and it is necessary to get permission from the Hunting Direction of Cyclades (Diefthinsi Thiras Kykladon) in order to visit the islet.



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