Milos Conference Centre

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Location: Adamas

The Conference Centre of Milos Georgios Eliopoulos is found close to Adamas village and overlooks a beautiful gulf. It was created by Mrs. Katerina Kyriakopoulos in memory of her father in order to promote the cultural life of Milos. The Conference Centre, which spans an area of 10 sq.m., is housed in an old kaolin processing factory.

The factory was built in 1925 and constituted a wonderful monument of post-war architecture, but due to abandonment, it started to fall apart. Mrs. Kyriakopoulos then bought the factory building and renovated it, with respect to the original architectural style.

Apart from conferences, the structure can also host theatrical performances, lectures and musical concerts. It has been equipped with all the modern amenities to complete its purpose. It can host up to 5 conferences at the same time and also has a press room, Internet room and cabins for interpretation.

It is open throughout the year and all its rooms are accessible to people with special needs.



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