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Discover the best Milos tours! Tours in Milos are the best way to explore this beautiful island!
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Tours & Activities in Milos

For your convenience and reading satisfaction, we compiled a list of our most popular tours, activities and excursions in Milos. You can also take a look at all available bundles down below and immerse yourself into the ultimate summertime destination!

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About Milos tours

To start with, a bus tour is perfect for those who want to visit the main points of interest in Milos. Join a bus tour in Milos to visit the most important sights on the island, including the traditional fishing villages with the characteristic boat garages on the ground floor of the houses, the early Christian Catacombs, and geological sites of Naxos.

Due to the volcanic geology of Milos, there are many spots of rare natural beauty on this Cycladic island, such as the white stones of Sarakiniko, the Cave of Papafragas, and the volcano craters. Our geological tour in Milos will get you to all these places, to the Mining Museum and the Mineral Factory in Milos.
The boat tours in Milos are also very popular! Among the most impressive is the boat trip to Kleftiko, a beach with mysterious sea caves and enticing crystal waters. It's worth joining it!