Sea Kayak day tours around Milos

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Depart: Milos
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General Description

Make your holidays in Milos more fun with a sea kayak day trip! Our sea kayak tours are ideal for leisure kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. As these are open-type kayaks, you have the chance to enjoy the blue sky and the vast sea around us as well as the beautiful visiting places. We offer 7 different guided routes around the island with our sit-on-top kayaks. We decide which route we shall follow the day of the tour, on the spot, depending on the weather conditions and our preferences. In any case, all routes are scenic and guided by a special guide. All our sea kayaks tours in Milos depart from Adamas and include snorkeling equipment that you can use for free. We do not offer transfer from your hotel to Adamas, but once we meet, we offer transfer from Adamas to the starting point of the kayak tour and return. Here are the 7 scenic sea kayak routes that we offer in Milos. Route 1 (includes some hiking): Plathiena beach to Adamas (one way) Highlights and Stops: Fishing village of Fourkovouni, Snorkeling over the remains of an old house that is now sunk under the sea, Snacks in Klima, Visit to the Catacombs and the Ancient Theater (hiking), swimming in Skinopi beach. Route 2: Mandrakia to Sarakiniko (with return) Try sea kayak from the picturesque fishing village of Mandrakia to the famous beach of Sarakiniko, with the white rocks that resemble to a moon-like landscape. Highlight: Snorkeling in amazing sea caves along the northern coast. Route 3: Mytakas beach to Phylacopi (with return) Sea kayak from the fishing village of Mytakas to the ancient site of Phylacopi, a settlement that developed from the Neolithic Period until 1,000 BC. Also explore the narrow gorge of Kofto and the traditional village of Agios Konstantinos. We also enter the sea caves of Papafragas and have snacks there. Route 4: Agia Kyriaki to Firiplaka beach (with return) Sea kayak on the southern side of Milos island. Swim in thermal waters (thermal due to the volcano of Milos), see Tsigrado beach, Firiplaka beach and Gerakas. Try snorkeling in some really exceptional settings. Route 5: Agia Kyriaki beach-Firligos beach (with return) This route is recommended for days with stronger winds. Swim in thermal waters (thermal due to the volcano of Milos), see Psarovolada beach, Spathi beach and Gerakas. Try snorkeling in some really exceptional waters. Route 6: Paleochori beach to Sulphur Mines (with return) Try swimming in the thermal springs of Paleochori, see Firligos beach (that is not accessible by land) and Spathi beach. Also visit the Old Sulphur Mines, a very interesting place that now has only ruined buildings and a great sandy beach called Paliorema. Route 7: Agia Kyriaki beach to Paleochori beach (with return) Swim in thermal waters, see Psarovolada beach, Psathi beach and the impressive spot of Gerakas. Try snorkeling in stunning settings. Note about children: Only children older than 12 years old are allowed to take part in these sea kayak tours. Children pay normal adult price.

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