Milos Sarakiniko beach

General information

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos: This is the most impressive beach in Milos but also in Greece. It is considered the island's trademark! Sarakiniko has a unique geological profile that makes it one the most impressive natural locations you will get to visit in Greece and it is among the country's best beaches for a good reason!

Sarakiniko is located 5 km away from Plaka, on the coastline east of Adamas, at the northeastern part of the island. It is the most photographed place on the island and it is famous for its lunar landscape that offers an otherworldly experience to the visitor!

The scenery is indeed very impressive: long, white and smooth rocks with horizontal layers create unique shapes around the sea. The erosion caused by the waves created small and big hollows all over them with the passage of time.

These geological features shaped the moonscape of Sarakiniko and the hundreds of visitors that arrive there on a daily basis will agree that it looks less like the earth and more like the surface of the moon.
There are no signs of vegetation at all on the rocky area and a bright white color prevails, creating the perfect contrast with the deep blue and turquoise waters surrounding Sarakiniko.

The rock formations of Sarakiniko were shaped thousands of years ago and they have volcanic origins. Fossilized seashells and other organisms that are over 1 million years old have been discovered on the rocks of Sarakiniko.

Sarakiniko was named after the Saracen pirates, who would allegedly use the caves and tunnels as a hiding place for themselves and their treasures.

From there, you will also have a nice view of the neighboring Cycladic islands Kimolos and Sifnos.

What to do

The actual beach of Sarakiniko itself is tiny; for this reason, the majority of visitors put their beach towels on the smooth rocks and sunbathe.
Swimming in the turquoise waters is a must and you will have the opportunity to find several spots to jump right into the water from the rocks. If you have snorkeling equipment, this is the right place to use it.
Just beware of the sea urchins!

Exploring around the area of Sarakiniko will lead you to some unexpectedly interesting findings: there are a few caves and abandoned mining tunnels worth visiting there.
You will also discover a shipwreck that dates back to 2003 and it is now submerged for the most part. It is fairly easy to spot and only 100 meters away, east of Sarakiniko rocks.

When to visit

The best time of the day to visit Sarakiniko is the early morning and late afternoon hours. The white rocks reflect the sunlight, making the area unpleasantly hot during midday, especially because there is no shade at all and you cannot really use a sun umbrella either.

It is also recommended to stay there for a bit longer if you are visiting during the evening, so that you can enjoy the sunset from there. It is less crowded during this time of the day.
Alternatively, go there during the night to gaze at the stars and the moon for a magical experience!

We highly advise that you avoid visiting Sarakiniko on windy days, especially when the northern winds known as meltemia are blowing, since this can ruin the experience.

What to bring?

To protect the natural landscape, the entire area remains totally unorganized, including the small beach, without any tourist facilities at all. If you plan to spend a few hours there, you should bring with you snacks, drinks, sunblock and any other necessities.

Best Hotels & Accommodations

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Sarakiniko View

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Overlooking the famous beach of Sarakiniko, Sarakiniko View Studios has an authentic Cycladic design, with blue shutters, whitewashed walls, and a bright atmosphere. Among the facilities, there is a terrace with a great view. Homemade breakfast is also available.


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3 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 01 Oct 2015
    Dreamy and spooky at the same time
    Sarakiniko is an absolute must while on Milos. If you don't have car, buses will take you there.
    The beach is something special and unique, with its colours and shapes.
    Ideal for visit and taking pictures, not necessary to swim.
  • hhhy24 04 Nov 2008
    A picture from the moon
    A picture from the moon, this is Sarakiniko! I was amazed to see such a beautiful beach in a small Greek island. I had seen the beach before in photos and tour guides, but from close it was even more gorgeous. I have taken some impressive photos from Sarakiniko and I have made them tapastries here, back home, in the bloody cold England...
  • tomsch 19 May 2008
    Sarakiniko the best
    I was always looking for pure Greek atmosphere with not too much touristic approach and therefore I was fully happy to discover Milos. Sarakiniko was indeed perfect, a landscape from the moon. I have the best
    pictures of Milos from Sarakiniko. Also give a try to the tavern "I omorfi varka" in Adamas. Cozy atmosphere and delicious tyropita.