Milos Firiplaka beach

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Located on the south side of the island, Firiplaka Beach in Milos showcases magnificent turquoise waters and sparkling silver sand. It is surrounded by volcanic cliffs, making for an impressive scenery of unique colors and distinctive rock formations. Its spot is favorable, as it is usually protected from the strong winds that are common in the Cyclades. In combination with the fairly shallow waters, this makes it an ideal choice for families with young children.

Firiplaka is divided into two parts, an organized and a non-organized one. On the first, guests will find sunbeds and umbrellas to rent, as well as a canteen, where they can order refreshing drinks, coffees, fresh juices and delicious snacks to enjoy by the sea. Those who prefer a more private setting can walk a bit further and place their towel on the sand in a tranquil spot.

The beach is accessible by car and local bus until one point, but a five-minute walk is required to reach the seashore.

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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 03 Oct 2015
    Complete experience
    Firiplaka is one of the best beaches in Milos when it comes to complete "offer".
    Milos has many "wild" beaches that have deep water two meters from the coast, pebbles at the beginning of sea bed, or are small or not easy to reach.
    Firiplaka is none of this. It is large and very tame - sand and family friendly, for kids.
    It has also beach equipment, if you need it.
    The parking is rather small, having in mind the popularity of the beach, but you could park above Tsigrado and walk down a little, if you don't find space.
    The water is clean and crystal clear, view magnificent and colours strong.
  • ursula39 24 Nov 2010
    Large beach with deep water
    Ah, Firiplaka! I could sit for hours in this amazing beach!! This is one of the best beaches in Cyclades, this and Agia Kiriaki, also in Milos. A large beach with deep water, probably because it is a wide open sea. You and the ocean in front, no rocks or villages in the surroundings. Best time to go is in the evening. In the day, it is also nice but the sun is too strong and there are no shelters or other taverns nearby to find protection. Unless you are lucky and you catch an umbrella, before others do. Shade is also provided by the huge rocks around Firiplaka. Do not miss this beach, you will love it as I did!