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Firopotamos Beach Milos: One of the many beaches on the Greek island of Milos is Firopatomos beach. Trees surround this beach. The canteen at this beach is a place where many young people hang out.

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The water is not polluted is a beautiful blue color that you might see only in postcards. The waters have also been said to look a giant swimming pool. The beach is inside a small bay where many fishermen live and fish. You will not feel any wind when it goes in a southerly direction.

The town nearby has the same name as the beach and it is not far from Plaka, the capital of Milos. In an earlier age, this town used to be a summer resort for people who lived in the capital.

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Blu Intenso Boathouse

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Blu Intenso Boathouse offers seafront accommodation with wonderful views in Firopotamos. The boathouse is renovated and opens to a small pebbled beach. It is air-conditioned and features a bathroom and a well-equipped kitchen where you can prepare your food.

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  • ablutsauger 05 Oct 2015
    Excellent for seesighting
    Firopotamos looks great from the sea or from the above: its church, shape, typical houses a la Klima and many scattered boats. We did not swim there, so I cannot describe that experience.
    I would recommend you to visit it without any doubt, but I am not sure about swimming. I personally could not swim and sit on a place that has so many boats (fisherman place), because I have in my mind that it has to be at least a little dirty.