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Kleftiko Beach in Milos is one of the island’s highlights and most visited spots! Spotted on the southeast tip of the island, it consists of large rocks of volcanic origin that create three small bays that have taken their shape from thousands of years of erosion due to the strong wind and waves. Because of its shape, Kleftiko is also known as Meteora of the Sea, reminiscent of this unique landscape. Additionally, there are numerous caves that can be explored by boat or swimming.

The bays used to be a pirate lair, where they would hide and attack hostile boats, while the caves were used as shelters to protect them from bad weather. The area actually got its name from the pirates, as Kleftiko means a bandit’s lair. Furthermore, fishermen have mentioned that seals would inhabit the caves but have since moved because of the tourist influx.

Kleftiko does not have much of a beach where visitors can place their towels or relax, as the enormous rocks dominate the scenery and sand is scarce. However, it showcases crystal-clear turquoise waters, ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling in order to observe the majestic marine life of the Aegean Sea. One can also enter the numerous caves either with a small boat or while swimming.

The area is only accessible by boat as it is quite secluded, and the rocks cut off any other safe passageway. Cruises to Klefitiko are conducted daily, mainly starting from the port of Adamas, either going directly to the beach or doing tours of the whole island, while renting a private boat is an alternative for those who prefer a more personalized experience. By taking a boat trip, one can combine this picturesque location with visits to other popular landmarks, such as the Sykia cave nearby. A path for hiking until the shore is available but is not considered safe, as it passes through the habitat of Milos’ red vipers, so it is not recommended to use.

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    Snorkeling boat tour to Kleftiko

    Category: Island, Boat Tours

    Explore the pirate hideout of Kleftiko in the southern side of Milos. This boat trip includes a guided snorkeling tour in Kleftiko's sea caves, as well as beautiful villages, seashores, and a lunch meal.

    8 hours Map
    from € 145.00
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  • Around Milos tour by boat

    Category: Day Trips, Boat Tours

    This fantastic boat tour around Milos goes to places inaccessible by other means than by boat, including the gorgeous beach of Gerakas, the Sea Caves of Kleftiko and other volcanic islands with crystalline waters.

    9.5 hours Map
    from € 200.00
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  • Boat trip to Kleftiko Pirate Sea Caves

    Category: Day Trips, Island, Boat Tours

    This is the most important tour in Milos. No visit to the island is complete without a boat tour to the magnificent sea region of Kleftiko, the pirate hideout in the Medieval times and a great complex of sea caves.

    9.5 hours Map
    from € 120.00
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1 Review
  • ablutsauger 03 Oct 2015
    A dream
    I literally cried while swimming and snorkelling in Kleftiko. It's like a dream and unforgettable experience.
    If you don't visit Kleftiko, no use of going to Milos at all.
    Don't forget to take snorkelling mask! You'll feel literally like in a dream, looking at the underwater world, stones and unbelievable and magical fluorescent colour.
    Everything feels dreamy, slow, calm, like in paradise.
    - a boat tour at least to Kleftiko and
    - snorkelling equipment is a must.