Milos Kleftiko

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Kleftiko Beach Milos: Kleftiko is an impressive spot of rock formations that can be reached only by sea. In fact, many excursion boats make the tour of the island and pass by Kleftiko.

Discover the available Tours or get there with your own car rental, starting at 14€ per day.

At first sight, the place will look familiar as it is pictures in most travel guides about the island. Impressive rocks spring up from the sea, forming natural caves and rare geological phenomena. Kleftiko is also known as The Sea Meteora.

The legend says that one of the caves in Kleftiko was a pirate hideaway and that they had hidden in there their treasury, but it was never found. The water in Kleftiko is crystal and many people jump from the tour boats to swim. Close to Kleftiko, there is another impressive place of such geological formation, Gerontas.

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    Snorkeling boat tour to Kleftiko

    Category: Island, Boat Tours
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    Explore the pirate hideout of Kleftiko, in the southern side of Milos. This amazing boat trip includes guided snorkeling tour in sea caves and underwater passengers as well as lunch. Spend an fantastic day on a sailboat!

    10 hours Map
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  • Around Milos tour by boat

    Category: Day Trips, Boat Tours
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    This fantastic boat tour around Milos goes to places inaccessible by other means than by boat, including the gorgeous beach of Gerakas, the Sea Caves of Kleftiko and other volcanic islands with crystal water.

    11 hours Map
    from € 160.00
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  • Boat trip to Kleftiko Pirate Sea Caves

    Category: Day Trips, Island, Boat Tours
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    This is the most important tour in Milos. No visit to the island is complete without a boat tour to the magnificent sea region of Kleftiko, the pirate hideout in the Medieval times and a great complex of sea caves.

    9 hours Map
    from € 95.00
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1 Review
  • ablutsauger 03 Oct 2015
    A dream
    I literally cried while swimming and snorkelling in Kleftiko. It's like a dream and unforgettable experience.
    If you don't visit Kleftiko, no use of going to Milos at all.
    Don't forget to take snorkelling mask! You'll feel literally like in a dream, looking at the underwater world, stones and unbelievable and magical fluorescent colour.
    Everything feels dreamy, slow, calm, like in paradise.
    - a boat tour at least to Kleftiko and
    - snorkelling equipment is a must.