Milos Sea Caves

Location: Kleftiko

The Caves of Milos are spread around its fascinating coastline, full of cave-like structures and interesting rock formations of various sizes that are only accessible from the sea.
The most visited ones are Sykia, Kleftiko, Papafragas and Sarakiniko.

Sykia caves

Sykia is situated in the southwestern part of the island and it is also known as the Emerald or Blue Cave. The only way to get there is by boat since there are no roads or paths close enough to the cave. A naturally occurring arch at the entrance of the cave will allow you to get into it by boat, although you will not manage to go any deeper because its ceiling has partially collapsed.
It is a good idea to get there around sunset, to catch the enchanting sun rays coming through a hole in the cave's ceiling. The turquoise color of the water is mirrored on the walls of the cave, which is the reason why it was named the Emerald Cave.
Those who visit Sykia, usually also make a stop at Sykia beach, a tiny beach located inside a cave with no ceiling.

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Top Tours and activities

  • Boat trip to Kleftiko Pirate Sea Caves

    Category: Day Trips, Island, Boat Tours

    This is the most important tour in Milos. No visit to the island is complete without a boat tour to the magnificent sea region of Kleftiko, the pirate hideout in the Medieval times and a great complex of sea caves.

    9.5 hours Map
    from € 120.00
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  • Full Day Sailing Cruise in a Small Group

    Category: Day Trips, Boat Tours, Sailing

    Enjoy a full day cruise that covers the west part of the island, Kleftiko and the cave of Sykia, both inaccessible by land. Cruise, swim and snorkel in secluded bays with a small group of up to 10 passengers.

    8 hours Map
    from € 160.00
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  • Full Day Family Friendly Cruise

    Category: Day Trips, Sailing

    Enjoy a family-friendly cruise onboard a spacious 55-foot sailing yacht. Explore areas of West Milos inaccessible by foot or car and visit the enormous caves of Sykia and Kleftiko.

    8 hours Map
    from € 200.00
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More caves in Milos

Kleftiko caves

The caves of Kleftiko are also located on the southern side of the island, only 3 miles away from Sykia. Kleftiko is in fact a big network of caves, naturally formed arches and other white rock formations, that may either be part of the island's coastline or independent islets.
This location is also worth visiting during the golden hour, which is the best time of the day to look at the mirroring effect.

Papafragas cave

Papafragas can be found on the northern side of Milos and this is the only cave that can be approached easily since one of the island's biggest roads passes from there. You will have to hike for about 5 minutes to get there after parking your car.
Papafragas cave appears similar to a partially collapsed tunnel, with an entrance from the seaside. Three smaller caves with circular rock formations can be spotted there. Papafragas also looks great at sunset time, similar to the other caves of Milos.
Boats to Papafragas usually depart from the port of Apollonia, a small town named after a local temple dedicated to Apollo. A few beaches worth seeing are located in this area and you can combine them with a visit to the cave.


Sarakiniko may not be a sea cave in its literal sense but cave-like formations and arches do adorn the rocky coastline of this beach, which is famous around the world for its lunar-like landscape.
Sarakiniko is located on the northern part of the island and many boat tours include it in their itinerary, allowing you to see both the beach and the shipwreck located nearby.


Most of the caves along the coastline of Milos can only be approached from the sea. The most convenient way to see them is by participating in an organized boat tour or cruise.
The majority of the boats depart from Adamantas port.

In addition to the popular caves listed above, the tours often include a visit to Glaronisia (Seagull Islands). This island group consists of 4 tiny islets with vertical rock formations that resemble organ pipes and have grown to be a popular tourist attraction. The 20-meter-high unusual rock formations are in fact blocks of hexagon-shaped basalt rocks.

The nearby islets of Antimilos and Arkadi also have an impressive geological background.



1 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 05 Nov 2015
    Caves everywhere
    Caves, caves everywhere :)
    Sea caves are one of the characteristics and most beautiful things on Milos.
    Everywhere you go - by boat, to remote beaches, inaccessible by car, normal beaches... you'll find caves.
    I can't recommend it enough - boat tour around the island! Some may find it expensive, but this is experience to remember! Kleftiko, for example. If you don't go to Kleftiko, don't go to Milos at all. You'll find yourself crying at Kleftiko, believe me. Those colours, that calmness, sea life... you'll feel like in paradise.
    Then Sykia cave... Cave beach! Indescribable!
    Papafragas, Kapros, Glaronissia and many more. Swim, play and enjoy!