Milos Caves

Location: Kleftiko

The Caves of Milos in Cyclades, Greece: Most of the caves that tourists are interested in can be found on the coasts of Milos. The caves are called Papafrangas, Sykia, and Kleftiko. You can find Papafrangos in the north, Sykia in the west and Kleftiko in the south. You can go to Papafrangos from the main road. It is like a tunnel with an entrance from the sea. This cave is best visited at sunset.

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There are many caves of different sizes within this network of caves. These caves are known for their white rock formations. Sykia, only 3 miles from Kleftiko, is nicknamed the Emerald Cave. It is also known as the blue cave. You can only get to this cave by boat since all roads in the southeastern part of Milos are inaccessible.

When you do get to the cave, you can only enter it through an arch entrance since the ceiling has partially collapsed. This is another cave to see at sunset. The sun's rays come through the roof and are reflected off the walls. It looks enchanting. After visiting the cave called Sykia, you could go to a nearby beach. The beach is located in a cave without a roof. Whatever boats you take, you will be getting them from a port called Adamandas.

Here you can also go for overnight trips or island-to-island expeditions. Glaronissia are four very little islands that look like organ pipes and a major tourist attraction. At the four Glaronissia islands, you can see enormous 20-meter high basalt blocks. They are in the shape of hexagons. The basalt rocks are said to be like large mineral glasses. If you find this island fascinating, you should also visit the nearby islets of Antimilos and Arkadies.

Another cave that you probably go to by kayak or any boat is the Papafrangos caves. You can go to the small town of Apollonia in Milos rent get a boat. Apollonia is named after Apollo the Greek god since there had been a temple in this village. You could take a look at the beaches in Apollonia before leaving the caves. When you get to the nearby Papafrangos caves, you will notice that there are three of them. Inside them, there are circular rock formations.

You can also go by boat to the Sarakiniko caves. The first thing that you will probably notice about these caves is that there is a sunken ship nearby definitely a sight worth seeing.

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  • ablutsauger 05 Nov 2015
    Caves everywhere
    Caves, caves everywhere :)
    Sea caves are one of the characteristics and most beautiful things on Milos.
    Everywhere you go - by boat, to remote beaches, inaccessible by car, normal beaches... you'll find caves.
    I can't recommend it enough - boat tour around the island! Some may find it expensive, but this is experience to remember! Kleftiko, for example. If you don't go to Kleftiko, don't go to Milos at all. You'll find yourself crying at Kleftiko, believe me. Those colours, that calmness, sea life... you'll feel like in paradise.
    Then Sykia cave... Cave beach! Indescribable!
    Papafragas, Kapros, Glaronissia and many more. Swim, play and enjoy!