Around Milos tour by boat

Duration: 9.5 hours
Depart: Milos > Port of Adamas
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General Description

Take this chance to discover some of the finest seashores of Milos! Hop aboard a luxurious Catamaran and enjoy a guided tour around Milos and the uninhabited island of Poliegos!

Starting this tour from Adamas Port, you will travel towards the imposing Cape Vani before arriving at Kalogries Bay, an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. After that, you will sail west towards the cave of Sikia, where the Catamaran will stop for a brief photo shoot.

Visit the old pirate hideout spot of Kleftiko, one of Milos’ most stunning sights! In Kleftiko, you may swim, try deep-sea snorkeling, or enjoy a paddleboard session. Then, you will return to the cruise ship to feast on snacks and drink some cold beers.

Our next stop will be Gerakas Bay, reaching it after we pass by the bay of Gerontas, Fyriplaka Beach, and Tsigrado Beach. You can enjoy the views over the sulfur mines of Milos or take a dive in the refreshing waters of Gerakas before lunch.

Afterwards, we will spot the island of Poliegos near Kimolos, as well as the Galazia Nera Bay. Have a dessert, visit Arkoudes and Klima, and pass by Glaronisia before returning to Adamas.

Note: It is recommended that you bring over your swimsuit, a camera, a clean towel, a bottle of sunscreen, and a jacket.

Around Milos tour by boat