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Arkoudes Beach Milos: Arkoudes is not actually a beach, it is a complex of rocky islets that stand in the middle of the sea. Consisting a strange geological feature, these rocks are abrupt and sharp. They are located just opposite the beach of Plathiena, on the northern side of Milos, and can be reached by boat that makes the tour of the island.

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  • ablutsauger 08 Oct 2015
    Lovely and cute
    I will just say- yes, it really looks like a roaring bear from close.
    We passed Arkoudes on our boat tour around the island and it was magnificent!
    Some people just couldn't see the bear and instead it looked like a bunny to them, but ok. :) It's up to your imagination!
    I didn't swim to these rocks from Plathiena beach.