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Plathiena Beach Milos: Plathiena is a lovely beach on the northern side of Milos. A bit secluded and not organized, this beach doesn't get much frequented in summer, so it provides a nice place to relax. Not many facilities are located in close distance. It is accessible by car and boat.

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  • ablutsauger 06 Oct 2015
    Very good to excellent
    I have mixed feelings about Plathiena, but I decided to give it five stars anyway, although I'm sure most people would rate it five anyway, and I warmly recommend it.

    - Nice view at the open sea.
    - Plathiena is recognizable for its many sea colour shades, and you can see it in my photos.
    - Arkoudes is near.
    - The best sunset.
    - The beach looks magnificent from Plaka, because of its different colour.

    - Wonky seabed. It starts with pebbles, and getting into water is a torture. Then at one point and very deep water, after 50 meters, the pebbles turn into sand and the water becomes completely shallow, and you have to walk a lot to get it to the deep water again.
    - The coast is not that big and super-beautiful.