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Klima Village in Milos: With less than 20 permanent residents, Klima might be one of the smallest settlements in Milos but also an absolute must for all visitors.
This beautiful fishing village is located very close to the village of Tripiti, on the one side of the Gulf of Milos.

Regarding its history, it is believed that the first inhabitants of the area were Dorians who arrived there in the 7th century BC.
Due to its seafront location and its port, Klima was a significantly developed place and a commercial center during antiquity.
Even though the old settlement of Klima was eventually abandoned, ancient remnants can still be found in the area, including the Hellenistic Ancient Theater and the Catacombs of Milos, located within a short distance from the village.

The reason why Klima has become so popular is its famous boat houses known as syrmata. Syrmata are old traditional two-level houses that were used by local fishermen during the previous century.
Nowadays, most of them have been fully restored and are being used as accommodation facilities for tourists, making it possible to spend your vacation in Milos with the sea at your doorstep.
Their small housing capacity combined with the romantic atmosphere of the village makes them an ideal option for couples.

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Vasealis & Seafis (Boat House)


Vasealis and Seafis Sirma Klima is a traditional house in the picturesque village of Klima. With a great seafront location, this is the perfect place to experience the authentic side during your summer vacation. The house of Vasealis and Seafis Sirma Klima has a Cycladic interior design and it comes ...


Salty Splash (Boat House)


Opening to a small waterfront patio, Salty Splash Sirma Klima offers you the opportunity to spend your vacation right by the sea. This traditional boathouse is renovated, with a cozy atmosphere and a private bathroom with a shower. It features a kitchen with kitchenware as well.


Blue Sea (Boat House)


Situated in Klima, Blue Sea House is a traditional boathouse that has been turned into a guesthouse. This seafront home is family-friendly, fully renovated, and well equipped, with a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. It can accommodate 6 guests.


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More info about Klima

Another interesting fact about Klima is that the famous Venus de Milo statue which is currently housed in the Louvre Museum of Paris was discovered in this region in 1820.

Klima is one of the most photogenic locations on the island thanks to the colorful traditional houses and there are many boat tours that make it possible to admire the landscape from the seaside.
It is highly recommended to visit the seafront village around sunset time, although the promenade can get crowded.
There are a few restaurants in this area as well and to dine there a reservation at least a couple of days in advance is necessary.
You can also go swimming since there is a small beach in the village which is covered with pebbles, although it does not receive much attention from visitors.

To reach Klima by car, take the road from Triovasalos village. You can also get there by bus from Adamas.
If you are getting there by car, keep in mind that there is a lot of traffic in the area and finding parking space near the sea is quite challenging. Some restaurants do offer private parking areas.


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