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Gerakas Beach Milos: Gerakas is an impressive spot with rocky geological formation. It is located on the southern side of Milos and can be reached only by boat. In fact, many excursion boats that make the tour of the island stop at Gerakas. The water is crystal and people can jump from the boat for a swim. The surrounding landscape is rocky and abrupt.

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  • ablutsauger 04 Oct 2015
    Impressive and wild
    Gerakas is a beach you will see and visit if you take a boat tour, because it cannot be accessed from the land.
    As you can see by the pics, the landscape is impressive and original. Our captain finds Gerakas more impressive than Kleftiko, although I would not agree.
    One small warning - the water is super-deep up to the very "beach" (not sure I can call this wild thing a beach) - you literally sort of climb up to the beach. So, having in mind that the boat will probably park far away from the beach, if you are not a good swimmer, don't try to reach the right coast, because you will get tired.