Milos Sulfur Mines at Paliorema

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Location: Paliorema

Sulfur Mines in Milos, such as those in Paliorema, can be found in various spots around the island.
Milos, Poliegos and Kimolos are volcanic islands and not very old in geological terms.
They are known to have formed over the last one or two million years.
The hot water thermals in this area have resulted in the formation of many minerals like Perlite, Kaolin, Bentonite and Baryte.

One can take a tour visiting mines abandoned long ago and other interesting archeological sites.

The beach of Paliorema has clear emerald water and yellow pebbles. The color of the pebbles is indicative of old sulfur mines and abandoned factory installations that were in working order until as early as 1956.

One gets an idea of how this entire unit worked by the still almost intact machinery like wagons on the tracks, spare parts in storerooms, tunnels and the various excavations that had been done.
There even was some furniture, personal effects like shoes, etc. that one can see left behind by the miners who probably lived there.

Not much is known about the history of the sulfur mines but guests get the impression that it may have been quite a brisk operation in those times.
Unfortunately, this was not protected and now the mines show the wear and tear of time and weather.
The beach is quite attractive and does, in fact, see a lot of tourists who are keen to explore this aspect of Milos' history.

This is a slightly different perspective of the island of Milos as compared to its beaches and villages.

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