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General information

Paliorema Beach Milos: It is not easy to get to Paliorema, or else Palio Thioryxia, as this small beach is accessible through a track road from Zefyria or by boat. However, this spot gives a nice view of the island's past and culture. This is where the old sulfur mines used to work in the past and a large part of the inhabitants of Milos would work there. The mines today have closed but the buildings still stand as a live museum.

From the middle 19th century till the middle 20th century, when the mines were in use, the workers would live there the whole week. They used to leave only in the weekends to go to their families and as there was no transportation, they had to cross the island on foot. The beaches in front of the mines is small. There are no tourist facilities closeby, so the region is great to enjoy total privacy.

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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 13 Oct 2015
    Interesting surroundings
    I didn't visit this beach from the land, so I don't know how difficult is to get there.
    We stopped from the sea, on our tour around the island.
    The beach itself is not something to die for. It is a small, simple beach. Still, it is worth visiting because of the mines, as the complete area looks special and interesting. You will have peace and enjoyment.
  • enricomedico 05 Jun 2011
    From Zefiria to the old sulfur mine
    Important notice:
    1) you need a 4x4 car
    2) you must drive slowly

    What determines the value of the run (6 km) is the end: the scenario of the old sulfur mine (Tiafes) at Paliorema, with the port of loading, the small wagons for mining, railroads, dormitories and ancillary buildings of stone. The mine finished work in 1958. To get there, follow the road along the beach of Achivadolimni, and then for Zefiria. After passing the village and the junction for Paliochori, take a dirt road in good condition. After 1.5 km on your left, you will see the sign pointing the way to Agios Alexandros and after 2.8 km you will find a large intersection with signs indicating the direction to the sulfur mine.