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General information

Located on the east side of the island, Paliorema Beach in Milos is a completely unique shore, as the facilities of the now abandoned sulfur mines can be seen to this day. Right next to the beach, buildings, tools, and equipment, such as rails and elevators, can be observed and still preserved even though the mines have not been in use for decades. Visitors can explore the ruins and enter the buildings, but going into the actual mine tunnels is not recommended as they might collapse.

The beach is quite small, without any facilities, but the landscape is surely magnificent. The rocks and pebbles present vibrant red, orange, and yellow colors because of the sulfuric nature of the soil, making for a distinctive scenery. The crystal-clear waters are quite deep, even close to the beach, so this area was used as a pier to load ships with sulfur and other minerals.

Paliorema is accessible by car up to the hilltop, and then a walk of around 500 meters is needed to reach the beach. Additionally, one can visit the area by boat, as a stop there is included in many daily cruises around Milos.

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2 Reviews
  • ablutsauger 13 Oct 2015
    Interesting surroundings
    I didn't visit this beach from the land, so I don't know how difficult is to get there.
    We stopped from the sea, on our tour around the island.
    The beach itself is not something to die for. It is a small, simple beach. Still, it is worth visiting because of the mines, as the complete area looks special and interesting. You will have peace and enjoyment.
  • enricomedico 05 Jun 2011
    From Zefiria to the old sulfur mine
    Important notice:
    1) you need a 4x4 car
    2) you must drive slowly

    What determines the value of the run (6 km) is the end: the scenario of the old sulfur mine (Tiafes) at Paliorema, with the port of loading, the small wagons for mining, railroads, dormitories and ancillary buildings of stone. The mine finished work in 1958. To get there, follow the road along the beach of Achivadolimni, and then for Zefiria. After passing the village and the junction for Paliochori, take a dirt road in good condition. After 1.5 km on your left, you will see the sign pointing the way to Agios Alexandros and after 2.8 km you will find a large intersection with signs indicating the direction to the sulfur mine.