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Papafragos Beach Milos: After Kapros one can find the idyllic landscape of Papafragas, one of the most impressive sites of Milos. From the top of the rock, it resembles a huge natural swimming pool, an enormous cave carved out of the cliff's side. A tiny path leads to the tiny strip of sand that forms the beach.

Crystalline waters of changing colours, depending on the weather and the light, welcome the visitor and invite him to enjoy their coolness. Deep dark sea caves surround the place.

The most ancient site of Milos is just a few metres away: the amazing Papafragos, the ancient town of Phylakope, the few remaining ruins of walls, buildings and tombs are now almost entirely covered by the water, but still bear witness of the life and civilization existing there during the Neolithic period.

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    Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the local culture and history on Milos Island. Visit an ancient theater, the catacombs, the archaeological museum, a dairy farm, and a winery. Admire picturesque views of the Aegean Sea and colorful fishing villages.

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1 Review
  • ablutsauger 06 Oct 2015
    Excellent appearance
    People very often mix Papafragas and Kapros, which is visible by the photos too.
    Anyway, Papafragas beach looks stunning. It is a unique creation of nature and will leave you speechless.
    The water is colourful and rock formation out of this world.
    Contrary to "popular belief", it is NOT difficult to access the beach at all, even with closed eyes. When you start descending to the left, you will see that the path leading to the beach is broad enough, although you might get scared with vertical rocks all around. Just pay attention. Only the last few steps are narrow, but that is half meter above the ground, so no problem.
    I just took a walk there, without swimming, so I can't comment on water.