Milos Ancient Theatre

Location: Tripiti

The Ancient Theater on Milos: On a rocky slope, near the famous catacombs, stands the ancient theater of Milos that Romans built during the Hellenistic period.

It exists to this day though most of it is is actually ruined and is not in the initial shape as it was hundreds of years ago.

The ancient theater of Milos used to organize theater festivals.

Nowadays, the inhabitants continue to organize many cultural events.

The theatre is located close to the village of Tripiti, 5 kilometers from Adamas and 2 kilometers from Plaka.
It is above the harbor of Klima.

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  • ablutsauger 06 Nov 2015
    Get perfect enjoyment
    Catacombs, Klima, theatre - this will be your visit "package". Theatre is not something that spectacular alone, but combine it with near catacombs, remnant of ancient Milos and Klima below, and you get yourself perfect enjoyment.