Milos Panagia Korfiatissa

Location: Plaka

Panagia Korfiatissa is located on a breathtaking site in Plaka, overlooking at the deep blue sea and the neighbouring islands.

The church was built in 1820 with building materials brought from the abandoned churches of the old main town and it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Whitewashed, with an austere yet elegant decoration and designed in accordance with the typical Cycladic order, Panagia Korfiatissa is one of the most outstanding temples in Milos.

Inside the church visitors may admire several old holy icons as well as a relic chest with relics and icons from the dissolution of the local monasteries, a holy icon of the Virgin from the 15th century, a wooden carved epitaph from the 18th century and ecclesiastical clothes of exceptional quality. Nowadays, Panagia Korfiatissa is the cathedral of Milos and the Ministry of Culture regards it as a listed monument since 1936.

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