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Milos island geographically belongs to the Eastern Cyclades, along with Kimolos, Sifnos and Serifos. It is safe to say that it is one of the most original and unique Cycladic islands because of its exceptional landscape. Milos' originality and incredible beauty are due to its volcanic origin, which has gifted the island with bright colors and rocks of impressive shapes.

The rare morphology of Milos, along with its mineral richness, creates dream-like combinations of spectacular rock formations and caves, mosaics of various textures and breath-taking colors that surprise and enchant everyone lucky enough to visit this island.

Milos has to offer more than 75 beaches of silver sand and limpid waters which can sometimes turn azure blue or emerald green. The most renowned of all has to be the lunar Sarakiniko beach.

In addition to its magnificent landscape and paradisiacal beaches, the island is also known for its rich history. It is the place where the world-famous statue of the Aphrodite of Milos (Venus de Milo) was found on the 8th of April 1820 by an inhabitant of Plaka. A French Consul bought the beautiful statue from the villager and gave it as a present to the King of France (Louis XVIII). Later, the sculpture was placed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Last but not least, the impressive sirmata are also among the island's main attractions. Sirmata are traditional waterfront houses that functioned as fishermen's warehouses; in particular, fishermen used to keep their wooden boats in there during the winter in order to protect them from rain, wind and other challenging weather conditions.

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  • marjoriemillard 26 Sep 2018
    Open caste mines
    Don't go to Milos if you have asthma. It is a very beautiful place but the amount of open caste mining results in a very dusty atmosphere which is not tolerated if you have asthma. The beaches are beautiful and there are lots of hot springs.
  • helen44 04 Jun 2012
    Loved the beaches
    It is definitely true that Milos is the most romantic place in Greece. This was my first time visiting this lovely island with my husband. We stayed in a great apartment in Plaka, authentic and traditional with superb view to the sea. The capital and the port are the busiest spots in Milos, but very romantic, especially the quarter of Kastro just above Plaka. The local cuisine of Milos is just great, most of the taverns serve memorable dishes. The plethora of local shops is fascinating, we returned home with dozens of art pieces and miniature landscapes.

    The most beautiful aspects of the island are the white sandy beaches and rocky coves. This harmonic combination of green waters and white rocks that surround the beaches is just divine! We personally loved the beaches in the southern side of the island. Many are not organized but the unique scenery makes them very rewarding destinations. My best beaches? Tsigrado and Agia Kiriaki. Difficult hike down Tsigrado but really worth it for the exotic water.
  • jenny9 19 Jan 2012
    On the occasion of wedding
    The first time I visited Milos was the summer of 2010 on my cousin's wedding. I had already seen many pictures of this island from your site as well as from other tourist guides about Greece. Apart from this special occasion, I thought that it was an ideal opportunity to enjoy the sun and spend some time with friends on this fantastic island. We stayed in Pollonia, which was proved a fantastic choice. It is a beautiful fishing village with sugar houses and traditional taverns right by the sea.

    My cousin wanted an intimate yet traditional wedding, the relaxed island atmosphere and the surrounding beauty made this day unique for all of us. In Milos I discovered some stunning beaches and among others I visited Tsigrado. It was by far the best beach I have seen in my life, deep blue waters and rock formations, a true paradise, a must visit in Milos. The island is an awesome place to explore caves. Plaka is a quiet village, not so developed but nice for a walk. Your vacation in Milos should definitely include a visit to the beaches of Paliochori and Firiplaka.
  • rose 27 Nov 2011
    So far my greatest holidays in Greece
    There is hardly anything left to add to the praise of Milos if you go through all these enthusiastic reviews. Anyway, I feel urged to join in as in September 2011 I spent there one of my best holidays in Greece.
    We had intended to go to Plaka as a friend had recommended the place. No doubt, you must see Plaka when you are on Milos. Yet, unfortunately, already a month before our vacation all the apartments we tried to book were not available. So we decided to go to Pollonia, and when we arrived there, we immediately realized that this was even the better choice for us: ( In September ) a cosy little village, a very clean sandy beach with shady trees, good access to the clear water, and quite a number of excellent taverns nearby, though, after all, we didn't go there too often. As we stayed in a fantastic suite at Villa Sosanna with a well equipped kitchen and a large balcony to enjoy the seaview and, of course, the unrivaled sunsets, we soon liked preparing our own meals and "stay at home" in the evening.
    Exploring the island from Pollonia is no problem: There are buses to Adamas and from there to other places of interest. We also covered on foot quite a distance along the bizarre Sarakiniko Coast. Great experience! And as we flew from Athens to Milos, we gained nearly an extra day on the island.
    A perfect vacation!
  • catherin09 25 Jul 2011
    The island with the superb beaches
    I don't even know why Milos was not included on my annual trips to the Greek islands. In 2007, I watched a documentary about the Cycladic Islands in Greece. I was impressed by the beauty of this island, the calmness and rocky landscape.

    We stayed in Plaka, the atmosphere was lovely and the people very warm and friendly. The local cuisine of Milos is incomparable, we ate in several taverns that served a number of local specialties, like sausages, beans and seafood dishes. If you make a stroll around the villages of Milos, you will see the plethora of local shops selling traditional products and art pieces depicting the beauty of the island.

    The beaches were just extraordinary with green water and white rocks surrounded the shore. Visit the beaches in the southern side of the island, like Firiplaka, Agia Kiriaki and Tsigrado. In Tsigrado, you get down through a narrow path among rocks and hanged by slopes. As it is not much developed with tourism, the prices in Milos were not very high. Even in high season, you can find rooms at budget prices.
  • literat44 29 Apr 2011
    Just a dream
    I have visited Milos many times and it has now become one of my favorite destinations in Cyclades, for its natural glory and the rocky landscape. It doesn't matter where you stay in Milos, all the villages are nice with traditional houses and narrow paved streets and alleys. For my opinion, better stay in a beach hotel but an inland village can also give you a true aspect of life on the island. My favorite is of cource Pollonia and Agia Kyriaki, if you want something more quiet.

    All over Milos, there are amazing beaches, particularly in the southern side where the beaches are broader and currents recycle the waters faster. Take the boat trip (from Adamas or Pollonia) and you will see some incredible places, huge rocks and small virgin islands. The geology of Milos is not that common with the other Cyclades islands, maybe it has few similarities to Santorini due to their common volcanic background, but the island is still something special to see.
  • Angelos_N 07 Jan 2011
    Wild Beauty
    I consider myself very lucky I visited Milos. It is an island totally harmonious with the glory of nature. It has several monuments that one should see such as the catacombs in the village of Tripiti, the Mineralogical Museum or the Ancient Theatre. I stayed in a nice hotel in Plaka the capital of Milos. The village was pretty much like the most of the Cycladic islands, at least those that I have seen so far, with whitewashed houses and beautiful balconies full of flowers. I had a great view from my room. We went to Sarakiniko, which is only a few km away from Plaka where the landscape formed by volcanic rock was breathtaking. I also recommend Provatas beach which was very nice indeed but the strong wind was a bit annoying. There is no doubt that Milos is by far the best island that I have ever seen. Milos has a few bars in Plaka but it's mostly ideal for those who wish to spend relaxing vacations. Apart from all these, there is no way you will visit the island and not be impressed.
  • c_massinger 07 Sep 2010
    Like a fairy tale
    I have been to Milos about 20 years ago and now again. The island did change, nowadays in the restaurants, super markets and rental offices everybody speaks English whereas in the old days you had to help yourself with Greek. There are some internet cafes and a few laundries now. The public transport adapted to the needs of the tourist, more frequency, modern busses with airco. The beach bars offer umbrellas and chairs now- earlier you could not even buy a water.

    But the charm of this place did not change, neither the warm heartedness of the people dealing with tourists every day. The sea with its crystal clear waters is as beautiful as before. The sky is as deep blue as before. The smell in the air from herbs, salt water and the tavernas is still indulging. And the towns with its white houses, colorful flowers and relaxed business are as attractive as they always were (Plaka, Paliochori, Adamas).

    I appreciated the efforts for sustainable and responsible tourist business which I came across in folders, shops and restaurants. Not to forget the efforts the island makes for taking care of its animals.

    Milos is pure and 100% Greece- when you come from busy Netherlands a dive into a different world. We had a perfect holiday and felt like living a fairy tale.
  • emmanuel.spanakis 17 May 2010
    And the locals
    I will not talk about the unbelievable coasts and the so tourist-friendly organisation of the island; others have done so very well (see "Fabulous island" review below). I will rather point out the Human nature of the locals. Relaxed, friendly, smiling, trusting, helpful, they transmit to the visitor their art of life.

    Example: I had forgoten to take the main adaptor for my video camera with me. I thought I could buy a new one from the local houseware shop near Plaka. Dimitris, the shop owner, said that this model did no longer exist in the market but he happened to have the same model at home. He offered me his cable and transformer for the whole period I stayed in Milos and also for the other islands I had planned to visit. I could post them back when I finnished my vacations in Greece.

    When you go to Milos, do not use only your eyes but also your ears, your mouth (not only for the meatballs above Paleohori beach or the pastries of Plaka's central bakery-cafe! but also for communicating - no need to speak Greek) and all your senses. You will get richer and, naturally, you will get adicted. This is our third time we will go to Milos and it will be for a full month.
  • gina21sp 22 Mar 2010
    Cosiest place to be in summer
    I discovered Milos through the web and actually the pictures I saw made me abort the initial plans to go to Crete and visit THIS very special island.

    The beaches are fabulous in Milos, from the smallest and the cosiest, like carved in the shore beaches to the largest or the most spectacular rocky ones. Crystal clear blue/turquoise water and fine sand. Adamas is not big city, but it's populated in the night, it's small and cosy, but still a colored place. Klima, the fishermen village, it's worth to be visited.

    The food is very good and this seems to be a rule no matter the restaurant you choose. The dishes are tasty and the portions are usually big. Also the service is great, the waiters do their best to satisfy you (even when you only want to drink a beer:)

    Only the public transportation can be improved in Milos. If you don't have your own / rented transportation, you're kind of stocked. The buses are coming at 1 hour / 1 hour and a half or more distance in between, not to mention that you can only link just a few beaches or places on the island by using them.

    The best way to discover Milos is by renting a scooter. You can easily link the beaches one to another and you can even cover more places in one day. Also, with the scooter, you can easily deal with the unasphalted roads or the narrowest motorways. Still, pay attention to the steap and sinuous roads. Take with you or buy some snorkelling equipment. The "seascape" below the sea level is great.
  • McGowan 31 Jan 2010
    Awesome beaches
    This is a beautiful, small island with gorgeous beaches. Papakino, Firiplaka and Tsigrado are certainly the places to be but there are also many other lovely beaches around Milos. Take the boat tour and you will see some amazing places, like Kleftiko and Gerontas. Just put more signs to the beaches because it is very easy to get lost. Also some more umbrellas wouldn't mind.

    Adamas is a lovely port with a fun nightlife, but it has only four bars. Do not miss the sunset from a bar in Plaka. Have fresh fish in Apollonia and do not miss the small villages in the inland.

    I like that things are so traditional in Milos. In contrast to other Greek islands, we didn't see so many luxurious hotels with pool and jacuzzi. (I wonder, if you have a water lack on the islands, why make pools? and also if the beach is 5 minutes walk, why again you need pools?) Hotels are small and family run in Milos. Car rentals should be cheaper and ferry connection from neighbouring islands should be better.
  • t_karima 03 Nov 2009
    Sweet like koufeto
    Choosing Milos island this summer as my destination was actually in the last minute after browsing some photos of the fantastic beaches ( I have visited most of them but there are still plenty which I did not have the chance) there especially the Sarakinikos which is like the moon's surface!

    The roads in most cases are covered with asphalt, so you can easily see the whole island, but ask the locals in which beach you should go since it depends from the weather! (the winds blow really hard during August in Cyclades). And if you facing skin problems or suffering rheumatism, the hot springs in Adamandas and Mantraki area can really soothe you.

    It was truly a relief for me that I was able to enjoy nightlife not only in the port but also in the tinniest village! It gathers a lot of European tourists and the prices are moderate, but during August can be sometimes high. Nice faces and suburb cocktails in the beach bar in Lagada with a variety of music and you can view the beach volley tournaments.

    The taste that Milosleft me is like the local treat Koufeto which consists of white bread crumb, marrow, honey, almond, so strange as it might sounds it is even more tastier!
  • hugo995 13 Oct 2009
    Charming island
    I heard about Milos from my friend, who went there for vacations last year. So this year, we joined them, too. The serene and calm atmosphere of this place is really striking. If I have to describe Milos in one word, then it would be "beautiful". Most of what we have seen in Milos, be it the architecture of the houses or the general lifestyle of the people, everything is very traditional. The locals here are quite friendly and interacting with them is not that difficult.

    We stayed at an apartment in Plaka. The room was very neat and charmingly decorated. Each day we used to go on tours. We hired a car and looked for calm beaches. No that difficult because there are some places on Milos that tourists rarely go. The northern side has the best beaches and Apollonia has the best food. From Adamas, take the boat to Kleftiko and Antimilos, they are wonderful places for excursions. People also are friendlier than in other islands, like Mykonos or Paros, probably because tourism is still low.
  • joan22 12 Aug 2009
    Fabulous with one word
    We visited many islands in Greece this summer. In reference to Milos? The beaches are FABULOUS!!!! It is not a terribly touristy-type island which absolutely appealed to us. We did not access "nightlife" much. The catacombs (historical) were closed, so we did not get to see them. We saw so much of that type of thing in other islands, that it wasn't the most important thing on Milos.

    The villages were awesome, especially Adamas and Apollonia. Plaka, we thought, was not anywhere near as exciting as we'd been led to believe. We had recommendations to stay there. Glad we didn't! We stayed in Provatas, but ate also in Adamas and Apollonia. So easy to find good food everywhere. Not my experience in other parts of Europe.

    Swim in Firaplaka and Sarakiniko (not necessarily for the beach), but for the INCREDIBLE beauty and the cool caves. Take a boat to Kleftiko. You don't have to spend the whole day touring the island. There are boats that leave from near Provatas and go directly there. We highly recommend renting a little car in Milos. That way, you can see so much more. It's not a terribly big island, so easy to get around.
  • 56hj8oli8 07 Jul 2009
    Phenomenal island
    Milos is a phenomenal island and our favourite of the three we visited during our trip this summer. We will go back again but longer this time. Miloswas completely fabulous and I've travelled to many places including beautiful Caribbean islands, Mexico, Hawaii, the Mediterranean. Milos was beyond my expectations in terms of the slow pace, cleanliness, organization by everyone coming into contact with tourists.

    The villages were great but it was the beaches that were breathtaking. We took the boat to Kleftiko and we were astonished at the site. Why, the hell, don't you advertise Milos more? These were the best holidays for us and I think more people will want to come and see these impressive sites. The food on Milos was also the best we had anywhere in Greece on our trip. The seafood was incredible and there was one particular spot in Pollonia at which we ate every day and twice a few times. It set the standard to which we compared every other restaurant meal we had. Do your homework and be ready to travel around a lot! Ask locals for their recommendations and take at least 5 days on Milos, if not longer.
  • jellyf 09 May 2009
    Mostly about impressive beaches
    Milos is an island for people who respect the power and beauty of nature. Beaches are so various in landscapes that each one looks different from the other. Sarakiniko indeed looks like a moon picture, Papafragos is actually rocks into the sea with crystal blue-green water, while there are also many normal sandy beaches (Agia Kiriaki, Pollonia). The best beach though is Kleftiko: there is no road to go there, you take an all day sail tour.

    The colours of mines and sunsets give fantastic emotions on Milos. The mineral museum is interesting. It is not surprising that there is a mineral museum on Milos, given its strange geological shape and features. I think I have read that the island has a volcanic background, but I am not sure of that...

    Nightlife is good, not the wild nightlife of Mykonos but nice and relaxing. The best thing to do at night is not clubbing, though, but having a dinner in Tripiti, Plaka or Pollonia. Taste Antinious soup fish there in his taverna in Pollonia or the Lamb with Lemon in Tripiti. Don't stop at the first resaturant in the centre of the tows! Fantastic take away pita gyros and sweets at Adamas near the port.
  • federpu 10 Apr 2009
    Try some diving in the deep water
    I was in Milos for a conference on Translation and thus had the opportunity to see a bit of the island. Unfortunately, I didn't go to the catacombes, but I visited many villages and beaches. Plaka is a wonderful town. I ate very good souvlakia there and generally the food was very good, especially sweets with hulzenut and honey and those with pasta kataiphi. Beaches were very clear, definitely go to Sarakiniko (the best!!), Papafragos and Apollonia. Have a diving mask with you, the deep water is wonderful!
  • luca29 01 Mar 2009
    Unbelievable sea but empty discos
    Beaches on Milos are unbelievably beautiful. I have nothing more to say on this issue, only that the sea is the best possible!! Nightlife on Milos was almost nothing, except for restaurants and cafeterias, discos were empty...a little disappointing. Restaurants are good and not so expensive, but variety is poor, they are too much the same. Service is slow sometimes and I expected more fresh fish food. Wine sometimes was good and in some other places wasn't that great! Put more flights from Athens, make connections with other islands better and get more nightlife. The rest is very good, streets are excellent to be Greek, hotels are often excellent, facilities are available everywhere. Just tourism could be more, at least in the main town.
  • marianne25 14 Jan 2009
    Gorgeous beaches and islets
    We used several websites to gather information before we organize our vacations in Milos, but mainly and the Lonely Planet guide. The island was absolutely gorgeous. It had the most interesting geology I have seen. We stayed in Pollonia and truly loved this village! The beaches around Pollonia were incredible, mostly Tsigrado and Paliochori. Restaurants had good food and fairly priced. Definitely take the boat and go some excursions to the south side of the island (Kleftiko, Gerontas) and to Kimolos, a small island with crystal beaches just half an hour away.
  • bigdog71995 02 Dec 2008
    Such a beautiful island
    It has to be one of my favorite islands. I'm really surpirised that it is not spoiled by tourists. It is so relaxing and there are tons of different beaches to choose from, each with a different theme. Also, there are some ancient monuments in the village of Tripiti. Great food. Adamas has a beautiful harbor. I'm definetely going back there many many many times. You won't regret going there. I promise you that!
  • yuridd5rf 15 Jul 2008
    Good food and prices
    I enjoyed much the beaches, the museums and villages of Milos. The people were friendly and were very helpful with all we did. The island is not that commercial and people can enjoy areas that are quiet and enjoyable. The bus service on Milos is not as good as some others. Don't forget to visit the museum of antiquites about the early settlers of the island. Also enjoy the sea food at the tavernas. Prices generally low.
  • marc.stuypens 19 May 2008
    Aproaching Milos with the ferry you first see a beautiful, nearly closed enormous bay, with a little harbour. But walking in the uggly harbour, looking for accommodation, you are asking yourself what you shall do on this island? Rent a scooter or a car and you will change your mind. A charming little village-harbour for a stay for several days is Pollonia. On the other side of the island. You'll find a lot of charming rooms and fish-restaurants and for the same price you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.
    You need some time to discover the beauty of Milos. The beautiful rocks of different colors make a great impression on me. We liked to go swimming on nearly deserted beaches. Be curious when you travel on that island and you will see beautiful places.
  • mark44s 10 Apr 2008
    Ask other tourists for directions
    Milos has most of all nice beaches, some with special rock formations and others quite unreachable. For me the best beaches are Firiplaka and Tsigrado. There are also many taverns to eat fish, but never ask any patrons in your hotel where to go. To learn about good taverns, find an Athenian frequent vacationer and they would best direct you to local restaurants. My recommendations on food are Arhondoula, Alisahni and Methismeni. As for your accomodation, Milos is so interesting and yet so small that no matter where you choose your accomodation to be, exploring the island will keep you busy during your entire visit and yet you'll feel like you need more time to explore. You must also rent a car for your convenience because public transportation on Greek islands is very
  • mario_d 22 Jan 2008
    Do not miss the boat tour
    Milos: splendid island. I spent there 8 days having base in Adamas and mooving every day with public busses to all the main villages and beaches. Pollonia is the place that I loved mostly for its calm even in a day of beaufort 7!! I suggest everybody to do not miss the complete tour of island by boat that lets you to have a complete geological idea of the island.
  • johngiannikos 19 Dec 2007
    Milos is Incredible
    I have travelled to Greece 6 times, and have visited the following islands:

    Santorini, Paros, Ios, Mykonos, Syros, Crete, Zakinthos, Kefallonia, Milos and Halkidiki.

    Milos is a lot quieter than the other cyclades islands, however its landscapes and in particular beaches are second to no other islands. Cannot wait to go again!
  • bliskica 17 Dec 2007
    Milos is for lovers
    We spent 1 week on island of Milos and we enjoyed every minute of it; from 15th to 22nd of September 2007. I didn't know for the existence of the island, I pick it from the list of Cycladic islands. We just wanted to have nice, quiet and relaxing vacation on Greek island, which is not crowded and occupied by hundreds of tourists. . I was lucky - I decided for Milos on the basis of information which I found on the internet; mostly on this site. I read the reviews and opinions of people who visited Milos and there was no negative opinion of anything of Milos. I asked also my friends in Athens, some of them have been there and they said it is nice, not crowded island. So I knew that Milos could be the island for vacation I was looking for.
    Regarding the accommodation I was choosing between number of them; we wanted to stay in the room, very close to the beach and balcony with the sea view. I chose little town on northern coast of Milos - Pollonia and picked up “Anemoessa studios”, wrote them e-mail, got really quick and very nice response. Friend from Athens made a reservation. Family, which runs the place, offered me to pick us up in the port. We arrived by boat (Speedrunner of Helenic Seaways) from Piraeus; it took us 4 hours, very quick and nice ride I can say. When we arrived Jorgo (the owner) was just waiting for us with a paper with my name written on it. It is pity that Jorgo and his wife Koustula didn't speak English, they spoke French and Greek but we managed to understand what we were saying (I understand a little of French). The nicest surprise that day was their offer to take "Maison de Barbie" instead of the room, for the same price of 30 euros per night! Very nice apartment few meters from the seaside, with the view on open sea from the balcony, from the living room and from the bedroom upstairs! It couldn’t be better and more beautiful. And we enjoyed every minute of our staying in our “Barbie house)…. When it was the time to say goodbye to Kostoula and Jorgo it was very sad scene. They were like parents to us, checking if “everything is OK?”
    I could write my positive opinion on everything on Milos but I will focus on things, important for somebody who comes to Milos.
    Everybody we met or talk to was so nice and helpful and it is not that kind of kindness you are used to in tourist places. It is pure. This is another thing you notice.
    Weather was a little bit windy – meltemi from the north, the temperatures were around 27 degrees Celsius, water very nice. We rented a car at Axios rent-a-car in Pollonia and we met another very nice couple (Patrick and Sheila Warwick) and got a lot of useful information of the island, where to eat, … Both are from England and they have been living on Milos for almost 30 years and it is really good to talk to Patrick as he has so many information and stories to tell about the island of course.
    By my opinion is renting a car better choice (we rented Matiz of Chevrolet with sun roof and air condition) than renting a bike, because a lot of roads are not in good shape and if it windy you don’t suffer from the dust in your eyes, nose,… It is not big island so you can explore it all. I suppose September is very good month for it, because it is not so hot that you don’t have any wish to do anything.
    The food – follow the instructions of Patrick’s “recommendation book”, he made it by himself, so we did. And had delicious dinners. In Polonia I recommend Gialos and another fish restaurant, right by the road, I forgot the name (ask Patrick). In Adamas I recommend Barko restaurant, in Plaka Archontoula, Sirocco on Paleohori beach (they put pots under the surface of sand).
    I recommend one day trip around Milos. We went on this trip by Captain Yiangos wooden hull (25 euros per person). We made several stop for swimming and we swam at the beaches not reachable from the island, you can see soooo many colors, breathtaking rare geological formations which are so specific on Milos,…. I recommend taking 2 batteries for your digital camera 

    Beaches – our favorite was Paleohori. It was the first beach we went to (maybe because of that) and the colors (millions of them) of the rocks above the sea are magnificent. Sarakiniko is the most well known, it is really beautiful and because of white rocks you feel like you were on moon. Another one is Hivadolimni – nice sandy beach with shallow water,…. There are to many things to be written regarding the variety of the beaches so…. you just have to follow the map of the island (you can get it wherever you go, I got mine from Jorgo and Axios) and there are plenty of them for every kind of the taste. Most of the beaches are sandy, a lot of them with shallow waters, some of them with the nicest approach for me – few meters of shallow water and it turns to deep water.
    Not only beaches, you should explore the island as it is very “mineral rich” island and has very long history it and see catacombs, ancient theatre, ancient town Filakopi,…).

    In the end I would only say – go there, discover and enjoy the island, the colors of Milos and go there with a person you love - the slogan “Milos is for lovers” is not only a slogan.
  • ilaria.d 19 Nov 2007
    Try it
    Milos is a very beautiful island and I think it is the second for Cyclades (Paros is the first!). It is big but there are many splendid beaches (rocks and sand) and the sea is marvellous (Sarakiniko beach was the best one). There are also many taverns where you can eat good tipical food (don't try mousaka here but eat it in Paros!!).
    And then you can find some nice cafe-bar where you can go in the night after dinner, to drink something or dance. Very good island!!! Try it!!!!
  • Roberta_A 20 Sep 2007
    Best days of my life
    Good evening, let me just say that just after I saw your email, coming from Piraeus, my mind immediately ran to some of the best days of my life, my last summer Milos.
    Milos will stay in your heart ..and eyes, because there you'll see the most beautiful and sparkling colours you've ever seen. There's plenty of beaches, more than 70!, for every taste .. which it won't be difficult to fall in love me, you can't miss a minimum one week staying, you can't miss Kleftiko rocks, the round trip of the island by ship, Sarakiniko lunar landscape, and so on for every little grain of sand in there..of course I'll be back next year..and trust me, I'm counting down the days.
  • Shawn_H 01 Aug 2007
    A beautiful quiet place
    Hello, I'm Andriani S. and I'm Greek. I'm 29 years old. I went to the island of Milos.
    I arrived on the island by a boat called Ierapetra. There was no delay but the trip was bad.
    The reason I chose this island is because friends recommended it.
    I knew that the beaches were beautiful, and that is a quiet place. The landscapes were great, and the beaches were excellent! Crystal clear waters and extremely beautiful.
    It is a clean island and I really like that. The accommodation I was staying was pretty close to everything. The prices of public transportations are good and people are very helpful. All in all I really liked this island and I would definitely recommend it to others.
  • c_collins 16 May 2007
    A quiet and romantic island
    Hello, I'm Colm Collins, Irish, and I've visited up to 30 countries. In the summer of 2006 I visited Greece and the island of Milos. I had been to other islands from the Cyclades group before, and thought this might be a fun change, to visit this one, as I discovered it on the internet.
    I arrived on the island by Plane with Olympic Airlines. The trip was very good
    I knew Milos would be a quiet and above all romantic island, where you can just lay back, and I wasn't wrong.
    My favorite beach was Sarakiniko, which is a beautiful beach with white rocks all around, and visitors should get there early to avoid crowds.
    Other tips for future visitors would be to rent a car and go sightseeing. Visit towns at night as well as by day to get the most out of them. Avoid driving beyond Gerontas beach. It’s a very dodgy road and not suitable for a small car.
  • Sebastian 19 Feb 2007
    Go and enjoy the peace of the island
    Nationality: Italian
    Age: 33
    Countries visited: 1-5
    The trip: I arrived on Milos by plane and boat. The trip was good
    Reasons for going to Milos: Discovered on the Internet
    Idea about Milos island before arriving: Great beaches, landscape, weather
    - Island/Area : 10/10
    - Landscapes : 10/10
    - Tree Covered : 8/10
    - Beaches and Waters : 9/10
    - Cleanliness : 8/10
    - Villages : 8/10
    - Main Town : 7/10
    - Food/Restaurants : 8/10
    - Nightlife : 8/10
    - Local People : 10/10
    - Accommodations : 10/10
    - Activities : 8/10
    - Excursions : 7/10
    - Sightseeing : 10/10
    - Prices : 7/10
    - Public Transportations : 7/10
    - Authenticity : 10/10
    - Peace and quiet : 10/10
    - Weather : 10/10
    Best Beaches: Tsigrado
    Best Activity: Beach
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: The new one in Pollonia (8 something)
    Anything about Milos island that needs improvement: Some days the beaches were dirty
    Recommendations: To go and enjoy the peace of the island
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10
  • karmas 12 Dec 2006
    Marvelous views and great atmosphere
    Nationality: Greek

    Age: 28

    Countries visited: 5-10

    The Trip: I arrived on the island by boat with the Flying Cat 1 Hellenic Seaways. The trip was very good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Milos: Recommended by friends mainly. Every summer I use to visit a greek island I've never been before and Milos was one of them

    Idea before arriving:< I had got great recommendations about the place, I expected the bestbr />
    Favorite things about Milos

    -Best Beaches: All

    -Best Villages: Pollonia

    -Best Activity: Swimming

    -Best Bar/Pub/Club: Akri, Bofor

    Recommendations for future visitors to Milos

    Incredible place, marvelous view, great beaches able to satisfy every taste,

    friendly atmosphere, tasty food, good prices, cute and romantic bars

    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries

  • laure_lemee 15 Nov 2006
    Not enough accomodations in August
    Nationality: French

    Age: 49

    Countries visited: 5-10

    The trip: I arrived on Milos by boat with the Aphrodite Ferry. The trip was good with no delays

    Reasons for going to Milos: Discovered on the Internet and decide to travel with the family

    Idea about Milos before arriving: Good weather and beautiful villages "blue and white", with warm water and monasteries

    - Island/Area : 10/10

    - Landscapes : 8/10

    - Tree Covered : 6/10

    - Beaches and Waters : 9/10

    - Cleanliness : 5/10

    - Villages : 8/10

    - Main Town : 8/10

    - Food/Restaurants : 7/10

    - Nightlife : 6/10

    - Local People : 7/10

    - Accommodations : 6/10 We don’t find accommodations and sleep in the car

    - Activities : 5/10

    - Excursions : 6/10

    - Sightseeing : 8/10

    - Prices : 8/10

    - Public Transportations : 8/10

    - Authenticity : 7/10

    - Peace and quiet : 7/10

    - Weather : 10/10

    A lot of tourists in August and not enough accommodations for 1 or 2 nights

    Best Beaches: I don’t remember the name of "calcaire" cliffs (Sarakiniko)

    Anything negative about the island or needs improvement: The beaches are not always very clean. The office tourism is note very efficient to find places to sleep when you are only 1 or 2 nights on the island. It only gives to everyone the same list of accommodations and in fact it doesn’t help you

    Recommendations: To book accommodations to be sure to sleep!!

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 7/10

  • zuzana 26 Sep 2006
    The most beautiful place I have ever seen
    Me and my husband visited Milos island in September for the second time, and we must say this is the most picturesque place we have ever been to.

    Greece is a very nice country, we spent our holiday almost ten times here at different places, but this island is absolutely the best.

    Beautiful abandoned beaches, sand, rocks, pebbles of different colors, crystal water, smooth as a quiet lake or amazing waves as you wish, excellent people, nice accommodation (apartment Giannis, Adamas, fully recommended), delicious cuisine, unforgettable nature, peace and tranquility ? this is Milos.

    Hope, maybe once we would live here...

  • Salvador_Rodriguez 29 Aug 2006
    Great beaches
    Nationality: Mexican

    Date on the island: 24.07.2006

    Countries visited: >5-10

    The trip: I arrived in Milos with with one of the speed boats "Sea Jet". The trip was very good and without delay.

    Reasons for going to Milos: Milos was recommended to me by a Greek friend.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations.

    - Island/area: 10/10

    - Landscapes: 10/10

    - Tree Covered: 8/10

    - Beaches & waters: 10/10

    - Cleanliness: 10/10

    - Villages: 9/10

    - Main Town: 9/10

    ? Food/ restaurants: 10/10

    - Nightlife: 8/10

    - Local people: 10/10

    - Accommodation: 10/10

    - Activities 8/10

    - Excursions 7/10

    - Sightseeing: 10/10

    - Prices: 8/10

    - Public Transportations: 8/10

    - Authenticity 10/10

    - Peace & quiet 10/10

    - Weather 10/10

    Best Beaches : all of them

    Best Villages : main town

    Best Activity : beaches with peace and quiet

    Recommendations: More signs on the roads to make it easier to go to all the beaches as there are many and it?s not very clear on how to reach them. Some were inaccessible by car. I will definitely come back to Milos. And I will recommend this island to others, Lovely Island

    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 9/10

  • uta_vich 11 May 2006
    Surprisingly incredible but expensive
    Nationality: Germany

    Age: 65

    The trip: I took a plane to Athens and then transfer by plane to Milos Island. The trip was fine. No delays and good service.

    Reasons for going to Milos: I am coming to Greece every summer since 1975. I try to go in a different area every time. I heard much about Milos and about the incredible landscapes.

    Idea before arriving: That it would be a typical greek island as I love it. That the population there would be in majority greek, that it woulld have great beaches and some areas with volcanic sceneries, that it would propose many places to visit. And that it is the place where the incredible Venus were found.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expactations. 200%. It is a gret island and my wife and I enjoyed the trip much. It has incredible beaches surrounded by clifs abd beautiful and clean waters. There are also some great fishing villages and many place to see.

    Favorite thing about Milos: The island itself. It is one of the best destinations I have visited in Greece the last 10 years. I loved everything about it and the fact that it is not so touristy. Most of the visitors here are greek. The people are very friendly. It is a quiet island.

    Negative opinion: I was surpised that the prices there were so high!!

    Recommendations: Just go there. Among all the islands I have visited I would rate the island with 9/10

    Yes, I would love to go back there. Had really great time

  • hendrix 13 Mar 2006
    Beautiful island with lot to do + great beaches
    Nationality: Swedish

    Age: 42

    The trip: I reach the island of Milos in Greece by sea and the trip was not very confortable due to the few boats that reach the island.

    Reasons for going to Milos: Because the island was recommended to me by friends and was supposed to be the most beautiful island of the Cyclades.

    Idea before arriving: That it was a wonderful island with a long history, gorgeous beaches, little white painted villages with tavernas on the waterfront serving Greek cuisine and sea food and lot of cats.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, the island met my expactations. It worth the difficult trip to reach it. The island is really beautiful. I didn't knew that it had a volcanic history and was really impressed by some landscapes. There were fields with huge rocks in the middle as if the Titans came by. The beaches of Milos are really georgous. Many times the beaches are surrounded by cliffs. The villages are really charming and my best was the village of Klima which was built on the water. Every house there has it fishing boat garage. The people are really friendly and I was very happy to see that there were no many foreign tourists and many Greeks.

    Favorite thing about Milos: The island of Milos! Everything is great there and so safe! If I am obligated to say a favorite thing, it would be the beaches.

    Negative opinion: No negative things about Milos.

    Recommendations: Renting a car or bike is the best but buses are really well organised and most of the beaches can be reached.

    Yes, I would love to visit the island of Milos again but it gave me the mood to go and visit also other places in Greece.
  • geo26 07 Mar 2006
    Beaches of Milos
    Very good beaches with wonderfull places,sea and colors.
  • sped-re 30 Jan 2006
    Local girls more beautiful than the Venus
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 60

    The trip: I went to Athens from Milano and then went to the port of Piraeus to take the ferry to Milos Island. The trip was fine.

    Reasons for going to Milos: I went on the island for a conference.

    Idea before arriving: I only new about the Venus. I thought that it would be a Cycladic island as those that you can see in the touristic brochures and tv.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, it met my expactations. First of all the conference and its organisation were great. Second the local girls are much more beautiful than the venus. Third, the villages are really charming and the island has great beaches. It was my first trip to Greece and really enjoyed every moment of it.

    Favorite thing about Milos: The climate, the fact that it is an island and it is surrounded by water and the incredible beaches. The waters are also warmer than in Italy.

    Negative opinion: Nothing negative.

    Recommendations: Just come

    I loved Milos Island and maybe I will come again. But it gave me the mood to visit also other places in Greece.
  • chopin 21 Dec 2005
    Also geologicaly interesting
    Nationality: German

    Age: 33

    The trip: Frankfurt-Athens-Milos Island by plane (Lufthansa + Olympic). I made a stopover in Athens to see the acropolis, the archaeological museum, etc... it was excelent!

    Reasons for going to Milos: I participated to the Atlantis 2005 Conference

    Idea before arriving: As a geologist I thought it was a rock in the sea and that the beautiful coast was full of hotels.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectation. The island is very interesting from a geolist point of view. The island has some lunar aspects. It is a beautiful island. I didn't thought that it was so nice. The villages are charming and the beaches incredible.

    Favorite thing about Milos: The conference center and the archaeological findings.

    Negative opinion: No green but that is a characteristic of all the Cyclades Islands.

    Recommendations: Worth to see everything of it!

    I propably not go to Milos again because the arrival is complicated. But I will definitely go to places in Greece.
  • barbon 09 Nov 2005
    Peaceful, quiet and nices beaches
    Nationality: Italy

    Age: 34

    The trip: Flight amd ferry. In Piraeus it is very dificult to find the ferry to Milos!

    Reasons for going to Milos: I like Greece and the Greek Islands and find Milos on the internet.

    Idea before arriving: A thought it would be a relaxing Island with beautiful beaches.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and more. It is a really beautiful island and has extraordinay beaches.

    Favorite thing about Milos: The peaceful atmosphere, the quietness and the beautiful sea.

    Negative opinion: Some tourists are rude and dirty the beach.

    Recommendations: Book the ferry in advance and try to take the faster one. There are really confortable.

    I hope I will be able to go to Milos again in the future.
  • anna_m_I 06 Oct 2005
    Very satisfied
    Nationality: Italian

    Age: 31

    The trip: Flight from Italy and ferry from Piraeus. It was really difficult in Piraeus to find the ferry to Milos.

    Reasons for going to Milos: Greece and the Greek Islands are beautiful and we choose this particular island after some internet researchs.

    Idea before arriving: Just wanted nice holidays which means a combination of sea, sun and good weather.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations. It was really nice. I am very satisfied. It is a womderful island and I was impressed by the beauty of the beaches.

    Favorite thing about Milos: Quiet, peaceful and beautiful beaches and sea.

    Negative opinion: Some beaches are not much clean and difficult to access.

    Recommendations: Book the ferry earlier!

    I hope I will go to Milos again.
  • hansen 29 Sep 2005
    Amazing Beaches
    Nationality: Denmark

    Age: 41

    The trip: Sailing from Syros. Nice trip (of course)

    Reasons for going to Milos: It was recommended by some Danish tourists.

    Idea before arriving: Sounded beautiful and interesting.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations.

    Favorite thing about Milos: Sailing arround the island and discover the amazing beaches.

    Negative opinion: Nothing negative about the island. I love Greece and have nothing to say about it.

    I would love to go back to Milos but there are so many other islands in Greece that are waiting to be visited.
  • santiag 26 Sep 2005
    Beautiful but not very cheap
    Milos Island is not the cheapest place for holidays but it has some of the best beaches of Greece. It has a camping which is very nice but more expensive than in other islands of the Cyclades (near the port). Restaurants, clubs and bars have similar prices with Athens (expensive for a not very famous island like Milos); you are obliged to rent a car or motorbike because the island is quite big and public buses are not organised.

    So maybe Milos is not the best places for backpackers and people with a small budget, but it has so beautiful beaches that it would be a shame not to go at least a few days; when you will discover Sarakiniko, Papafrangas, Tsigrado and Kleftiko you will understand what I mean.
  • peet 31 Jul 2005
    Best beaches ever!
    When I went to Milos (last August) I was stroke by the beauty of its beaches. There are so numerous and so different!
    Because of the volcanic soil of the island, some beaches are have some incredible and unique landscapes. The best example of that is the amazing beach of Sarakiniko which reminds of a lunar landscape with its sponges like white rocks forming weird shapes and holes; azure water is surrounding the rocks forming one of the best images I have ever seen in my life.
    I advice you to try and see as many beaches as possible and to rent a room in the capital (Plaka) or in the nearby picturesque village of Plakes. You will need a car to see all the beauties of Milos because they are many and the island is big.