Milos Festivals & Cultural Events

Local feasts are part of Milos culture which passes from one generation to the next. These special events still constitute landmarks in the lives of the inhabitants and a unique chance to socialize and have a great time. The feasts of Milos include traditional dances, music, local wine and delicacies and they usually take place in the churchyards during the summer season.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th
The feast day of the Dormition of the Virgin, the most important feast of Milos, takes place in the village of Zefyria, at the church of Virgin Mary Portaitissa. Hundreds of people arrive from the early evening hours until midnight, from elderly people to local musicians and young crowds. Many local delicacies are served and people sing and dance constantly. Similar events occur in Adamas celebrating Saint Haralambos. During summer, there are many feasts dedicated to the Holy Virgin taking place in several villages and Plaka.

September 6th
The feast day of Agios Sostis is celebrated in Provata village.

September 7th
The feast day of Panagia Eleousa is celebrated in Psathades village.

September 8th
The feast day of Panagia Korfiatissa is celebrated in Plaka.

During Easter, old customs await to be revived in the island's churches, like the burning of Judas in the village of Triovasalos. On Holy Saturday, visitors can see the fireworks celebration which lights up the sky.

Cultural events

Milos Festival
The Festival of Milos is the most important cultural event on this island, which starts in July and usually lasts for one or two months. The set of events includes concerts, art exhibitions, dance happenings, activities for children, book fairs and film festivals.