Museums in Milos

Milos is inhabited since the prehistoric times and flourished through different periods due to its geographical position and rich soil. Apart from the island's impressive beauty, the museums revive its interesting cultural aspects. The history, myths, and tradition compose meet with the unique beauty of Milos and compose an ideal destination for your summer days.

Milos is home to five museums aiming to preserve the traditions and the rich heritage of the island from a social and economic point of view. Visitors can admire a huge collection of findings coming from the land and sea. At the center of Plaka you can see the well-structured Archaeological Museum of Milos housing findings since the Neolithic period and on. The permanent exhibition includes a copy of the striking statue of the Venus of Milos, some well-preserved vessels, figurines, and carvings. It is worth mentioning that the statue of Poseidon found in Milos is now exhibited at the National Museum in Athens.

On a hill in Plaka lies the small Folklore Museum of Milos, a place that guards the age-old traditions of the island. The exhibit includes furniture, uniforms and other objects. In a close distance lies the Archeological Museum, the first museum founded in Milos. Findings from the prehistoric era make the collection extremely interesting as well as others objects from the Neolithic times.

In Adamas, at the church of Holy Trinity is housed a small Ecclesiastical Museum. It includes rare icons and valuable items that range from the Venetian times to modern times. In a close distance is the Mineralogical Museum, focusing on a special theme, the mining history of Milos through a huge photo archive, documents, and other objects. Right above the port of Adamas lies the Maritime Museum of Milos that provides interesting insight into the maritime history of the island.