Milos Local products

The inhabitants of Milos are mainly involved in agriculture, cattle breeding, and fishing.

The vegetables and fruits of Milos are delicious, with most of which being cultivated in arid soils without fertilizers. The agricultural products of Milos are tomatoes, melons, watermelons, olives, oranges, grapes, and others.

Cattle breeding is not much developed; however, many locals are involved in this field. The meat is palatable, and so are the types of cheese used in the local recipes, like xinomyzithra, manouri, and skotyri (a great variety of cream cheese).

Traditional dishes in Milos are tasty and prepared from pure, selected ingredients. Among all those delicious dishes are little pies made of dough, cheese, and onions, filled with savory dry cheese and mint. The local round wheat bread is also delicious.