Milos Alogomandra beach

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General information

Alogomandra Beach in Milos is filled with thin sand along its coastline, with clear blue waters and a rocky seabed! It is an unorganized seashore, thus all areas are free for you to place your lounger or parasol and enjoy the landscape views.

This destination boasts a fantastic sea cave, providing you with otherworldly views under a rock-filled shade! A must-visit sight of northern Milos, the sea cave has a small-sized sandy shore and shallow waters, making it the ideal choice for a quick swim or a relaxing stay along the sand.

Alogomandra Map

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1 Review
  • ablutsauger 07 Oct 2015
    Love and hate
    To be honest, rating for Alogomantra beach should be lower, if not much lower.

    The water is not clean (a problem with all northern beaches, and I don't understand why), and you'll have a pleasure of swimming with plastic bags and other objects.
    The right part, with a nice huge rock with a hole is small, but still very popular among young people, so you can expect to find it full of people and well, full of screaming.

    I gave it higher rate only because the right side of it (although nothing special), is mostly abandoned, so you can enjoy in peace, plus the beach is sandy and tame.
    And the small beach looks great with that huge rock.