How to move around Milos?

Below, you can find information about transportation in Milos and how to move around.

You can move around Milos by using the:
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In brief, renting a car is the most comfortable way to move around the island. We provide a car rental service at the lowest prices and rated !

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Public Buses (KTEL)

Local buses are the cheapest way to get from one place to another in Milos. Itineraries are frequent and daily during summer, allowing you to reach all the central spots of the island. The central bus station is located in Adamas, yet bus terminals are also situated in Achivadolimni, Palaiochori, Plaka, Pollonia, Provatas, Sarakiniko, Triovasalos and Trypiti.

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Car rentals in Milos

Milos has a safe road network. With a car or motorcycle, you can explore the island at your own pace and reach several spots, both busy and secluded. If you don't plan on taking your own vehicle in Milos, renting a car for your touring is something you should definitely consider!
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Taxi fleet


A total of 15 taxis are available in Milos. Most of them are usually parked close to the port, the airport and the main streets. Taking a taxi is more expensive than taking the bus, but it is a better option if you want to reach your destination fast and easily, especially if you have to carry heavy luggage. You can arrange a pick-up with a local driver by calling one of the following numbers: 0030 694 5150381, 0030 694 5827039, or 0030 694 6010555.

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Organized Tours

Having well-trained and experienced local guides tour you around the island is a very entertaining way to explore the island. And there are some nice choices.
Choose the tour that appeals the most to you, visit the most breathtaking spots of Milos and create beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most common questions regarding transportation in Milos and answered them for you.
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• How can I get to the main town from the airport?

A bus stop is only 100 meters from the airport. From there, visitors can board the bus heading to Adamas, the town that hosts the island's port. Adamas is the terminus of the route, so passengers who want to reach the capital of the island will have to take another bus that goes to Plaka.
There is no taxi rank outside the airport, but if you are lucky you might get a taxi driver to take you to Plaka. However, the number of taxis on the island is limited. You can of course arrange pickup with a local driver.
If you prefer to have your own vehicle for your transportation, it is recommended to rent a car for the duration of your stay on the island. There are two car rental offices at the airport, but it is best to arrange your transfer in advance.
Finally, some accommodations offer their guests a shuttle service. Contact your accommodation before your arrival and take advantage of the service if it is available.

• How can I get to the main town from the Port?

The port of Milos is located in Adamas, while the capital of the island (Plaka) is 5 kilometers away. To get from Adamas to Plaka you can board a public bus. The stop is only 150 meters from the port exit.
Otherwise, you can take a taxi. If you are lucky you might find one available at the port, otherwise you can call a local driver before your arrival and ask to be picked up from the port.
Finally, some accommodations may offer a shuttle service to their customers. Contact your accommodation to inquire about this.

• How can I get to the beaches?

A rental car allows you to access all the beaches of the island at any time and moment. Since Milos has several secluded beaches, it is recommended to rent a vehicle to be able to explore them!
Public buses run to the most famous beaches of Milos, including Sarakiniko, Papafragas and Pahena. Buses depart from the central bus station in Adamas.
You can also take a taxi of course, but if you are on the island during high season, it may be difficult to find one available.

• Can I rely on public means of transport?

The buses in Milos are reliable and in good condition. During the high season, the routes are increased to accommodate the thousands of people who visit the island for their holidays.
Keep in mind that the bus routes are designed to pass through the most famous parts of the island. If you want to explore the island and visit its hidden gems, the bus is not going to meet your needs.

• Are the distances between the main town and the touristy spots long?

Milos is not particularly large in size, so the distances between its busiest points are relatively short. However, if you plan to explore Milos extensively and want to access even the most secluded areas and beaches, it is advisable to rent a car.



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