KTEL Buses in Milos

Below, you can find all the needed information about the buses in Milos :
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In brief, the bus is the only means of public transport in Milos and the cheapest way to move around. Itineraries are available throughout the year, yet more regular during summer.
However, if you plan on exploring the island without relying on strict timetables, renting a car is recommended.

There are 7 routes in total and some of them are only offered during the high season. The bus network of Milos connects the port of Adamas to big villages and a few other popular locations around the island, including some of its best beaches and the airport.


Bus tickets

The tickets are bought directly from the bus driver before the ride. The price does not depend on the length of the route; the fare is standard regardless of your destination and amounts to €2.
Tickets can only be used once and no day passes are available. Cash is required to purchase a ticket.
The seats are not numbered and you will be able to pick whichever you want after purchasing your ticket.



The fleet of Milos buses consists of modern buses that are air-conditioned. Luggage storage for suitcases is available, while overhead compartments for smaller bags and personal items are also offered inside the bus.
The company offers bus rentals upon request. To arrange one, dial +30 693 2313486, +30 697 2841132, or send an email to milosbuses@gmail.com


Getting to your destination

The central bus station (Milos Bus Terminal) can be found in the heart of Adamas village, a few meters away from the ferry port. Buses that depart from there will allow you to reach other bus terminals in Triovasalos, Plaka, Trypiti, Pollonia, Paliochori, Achivadolimni, Sarakiniko and Provatas, as well as the in-between stations, including some of the island's most popular beaches and villages.
Keep in mind that bus drivers often skip stopping at less popular stops. Letting the driver know in advance about the stop you want to get off at is recommended.



The bus schedule changes regularly, depending on the season and other factors. For this reason, it is highly recommended to check the official timetables before you arrive. You may also contact the bus company directly by dialing +30 697 2841132.
Keep in mind that more bus routes per day are available during July and August than at any other time of the year. The most popular bus routes (Adamas-Trypiti, Adamas-Pollonia) are offered multiple times a day, while less busy routes are available no more than 4 times a day, even during the summer season.
As for spring, autumn and winter, buses to popular destinations (Trypiti-Adamas route) are scheduled no more than 7 times per day. The rest of the routes are not available at all, with very few exceptions such as the Adamas-Pollonia route (2-4 times per day).


Bus Routes

Below, you will find more information about the bus routes that are available in Milos. Note that not all routes are available throughout the whole year. You should always visit the official Milos Buses website to check for updates.

  • • From Adamas to Trypiti

    Availability: From 07:30 to 00:15
    Stops: Adamas - Triovasalos - Plaka - Katakomves (Catacombs) - Trypiti
    Price: €2.0

  • • From Adamas to Pollonia

    Availability: From 06:45 to 22:15
    Stops: Adamas - Parasporos - Mytakas - Pachaina - Papafragas - Fylakopi - Pollonia
    Price: €2.0

  • • From Adamas to Paliochori

    Availability: From 10:20 to 18:50
    Stops:Adamas - Zefyria - Paliochori
    Price: €2.0

  • • From Adamas to Achivadolimni and Provatas

    Availability: From 10:15 to 18:20
    Stops: Adamas - Achivadolimni - Provatas
    Price: €2.0
    Note: Regarding the return to Adamas, separate routes depart from Achivadolimni and Provatas.

  • • From Adamas to Sarakiniko

    Availability: From 10:00 to 19:10
    Stops: Direct
    Price: €2.0

  • • From Adamas to Tsigrado and Firiplaka

    Availability: From 10:15 to 18:20
    Stops: Adamas - Tsigrado - Firiplaka
    Price: €2.0

  • • From Adamas to the Airport

    Availability: From 10:30 to 19:30
    Stops: Direct
    Price: €2.0

If the bus routes or schedules are not convenient for your holiday itinerary, renting a car is the best thing you can do!