Ports of Milos

In brief, the main port of Milos is located in Adamas. It welcomes all passenger ferries coming from Athens or other islands, save Kimolos.
Ferries that reach Kimolos depart from Pollonia, which is located around 10 km from Adamas.

Below, you can find more information about the ports of Milos:
Adamas PortPollonia Port

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Adamas Port

The port of Adamas in Milos

The main ferry port of Milos (MLO) is located in Adamas.
As soon as your ship starts to approach Milos, you will instantly notice the picturesque character of Adamas, which gets very lively during the summer, not only because of the port but also for the local tourist facilities.

All ferries from Athens reach Adamas. From there, you can also easily reach other Cycladic islands, which makes Milos the perfect starting point for island hopping.

The companies conducting routes to Milos are Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, Minoan Lines, Zante Ferries and Aegeon Pelagos. Seajets owns the high-speed vessels that operate routes to Milos, while the rest of the companies own the conventional ones. Ferry crossings to several places are available every day throughout summer, yet are limited during winter.

How to get there

Taxis: Taxis can be found in the area of the port, although during the peak season demand increases. The main taxi rank lies at the center of Adamas and a total of 15 taxis serve the island's guests. For more information on fares, policies and availability or to arrange a taxi pickup in advance, visit the taxis' official website.

Car rentals: A car rental is the most convenient way to move around the island during your vacation. Car rentals can easily be arranged and pickups are available directly at the port. With a pre-booked rental, you can have a car, motorbike, quad, or other vehicle delivered to you so you can have it as soon as you arrive, without delays.

Buses: The local bus network is the cheapest way to travel between the port and many other locations in Milos. The central bus station is situated in Adamas, only a few meters away from the port and buses are available from early morning to evening hours.
From there, you can take one of the popular bus lines (to Pollonia, Tripiti, Sarakiniko, etc.) and reach various other villages and beaches around the island. Bus connections to the airport are also offered from Adamas. A one-way bus ticket costs €2, regardless of your destination.

Hotel transfers: Many hotels offer shuttle service for free or at an extra charge. If you need a transfer service, make sure to contact the hotel directly and ahead of time to arrange a pickup.

Port Facilities

Two car parking areas are available at the port: one for all types of vehicles and one for motorbikes only (Adamas Square). There is WiFi, restrooms, an information booth and the port authorities' offices.
Within a short distance, you will find many hotels, restaurants and shops. The nearest beach (Lagada) is located 500m away from the center of the village.

Good to know

The area surrounding the port gets congested during the summer and especially during the peak season. Make sure to arrive early enough and keep your schedule flexible in case of any ferry delays.


Pollonia Port

The port of Pollonia in Milos

The second port of Milos is situated in Pollonia, a fishing village in the northeastern part of the island. It is smaller in size and mainly serves fishing boats and water taxis that head to Kimolos and Glaronisia

How to get there

You can get to Pollonia either by bus or by car.

The least expensive way is to take a KTEL bus from Adamas. The central bus station is close to the main port (150m away) and itineraries to Pollonia are frequent.

Alternatively, you can reach Pollonia with your rental car. It is the most convenient way to get there and the route is short (approximately 15 minutes from Adamas).

Port Facilities

The port of Pollonia is tiny; therefore, finding the ferry boat will be very easy, as you will be able to see it.
There is a parking area in proximity to the dock for you to leave your vehicle.