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Milos is one of the most captivating islands not only of the Cyclades but of the whole of Greece. Known for its unique geomorphology and traditional colorful houses in its picturesque fishing villages, the island seems to welcome more and more visitors every year since it has started to be glorified and recommended by tourist guides worldwide. It has the reputation of being a destination for couples due to the wonderful sunset that you can enjoy from various parts of the island, but the developed tourist infrastructure makes it suitable for families, groups and single travelers as well.

The island provides all the necessary information and services to the thousands of visitors who arrive in the summer. There is a tourist information office nearby the port where you can ask for all the information you want concerning your trip. The tourist police agents are ready to offer immediate assistance for any problems you might face during your Milos vacation.

The capital of the island is Plaka, a magnificent settlement built on the side of a hill, about 5 km from the main port of the island. It is one of the most picturesque villages of Milos that preserves the traditional Cycladic architecture with whitewashed houses, stone-paved alleys and bougainvillea along its length. Being the capital of the island, it hosts several of the most important points of interest, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the church of Panagia Korfiatissa. Due to the fact that it is located at a high altitude, it offers a stunning view of the island and the Aegean from different points.

The main port of Milos that serves routes to and from Athens and other islands is located in Adamas (or Adamantas). From there, boats depart for tours and excursions. Adamas is one of the most lively areas of the island, having a large number of hotels, shops and restaurants. It is one of the best areas to choose for your stay, as from there you can go anywhere on the island.

The traditional fishing villages of Milos are the main attraction of the island thanks to the famous syrmata. These are traditional two-story buildings that are within breathing distance of the sea. In these, the first floor was the fisherman's residence while the ground floor served as a storage area for his boat, particularly useful when the weather conditions were extreme. The picture is incredibly beautiful, as the syrmata are built next to each other, they are whitewashed but their windows, doors, railings and stairs are painted in bright colors. Klima is the most famous fishing village that boasts syrmata, but one can also find them in other villages like Mandrakia and Fourkovouni.

When it comes to beaches, Milos can rightfully boast of having some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean. Its best-known beach and trademark of the island is Sarakiniko, an unorganized beach with a lunar landscape due to the all-white rocks that are the result of the volcanic activity that has taken place on the island. Apart from Sarakiniko, it is also worth a visit to Firopotamos beach with its picturesque surroundings, Papafragas beach which is surrounded by huge rocks, and Tsigrado beach, a spectacular isolated cove.
Kleftiko is another seaside destination that is recommended to visit in Milos. It is not a beach but a complex of large impressive rocks that form caves and three small beaches. You can only reach Kleftiko via a boat tour.

Regarding the points of historical and cultural interest, the catacombs and the Ancient Theater are located in the village of Tripiti. They are two of the most important monuments in Milos and date back to the Roman and Hellenistic periods respectively. In addition, since Milos has a long mining history, guests can admire the island's mineral wealth at the Mineralogical Museum in Adamas and visit the mines in Aggeria and the Sulfur Mines in Paliorema.

Finally, for those who have the time and desire to visit another destination during their stay in Milos, a daily ferry boat departs from the port of Pollonia for the neighboring island of Kimolos.



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