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Vacationing in Milos takes you on a trip to a breathtakingly beautiful island of lovely beaches, spectacular rock formations, ancient churches, mountainous villages in Cycladic architecture, historical sites, Venetian castles, and ancient catacombs. Although less advertised than Santorini or Mykonos, Milos has a lot to offer, especially if you want to experience the beauty of a Greek island without the heavy crowds that throng the most popular Cycladic islands.

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Milos has one of the most amazing landscapes in the Cyclades islands due to its volcanic origin. An outstandingly beautiful island of amazing rock formations, hot springs and a string of beaches, some of which rival the best ones in Greece, the island boasts a rich history that dates back to the Minoan and Mycenaean periods. Formerly a Spartan colony, the island refused to bow down to the Athenian league and was consequently attacked and destroyed by the Athenians in 416 BC. Repopulated during the Hellenistic period, the island returned to a state of prosperity and peace, and it was during this period that art and architecture flourished on the island. The famous Venus of Milos statue, which is hosted in the Louvre Museum today, was sculptured during that period.

Among the remains of the Christian era that followed, the elaborate catacombs used to bury the dead are some of the most remarkable examples of their kind in Greece. Take a detour and visit them in the village of Tripiti, close to Plaka. Near the catacombs lies the Ancient Theater, constructed during the Hellenistic period. Also, the Mineralogical Museum in Adamas, the port of the island, is worthy of a visit. The museum traces the rich mining history of the island from the early days of industrialization.

Adamas is a beautiful seaside settlement situated on the large bay of the island and the first thing to see from your Milos vacation if you come by ferry. It hosts the main port of the island, which receives ferries from other islands and Athens. The waterfront is lined with restaurants, fish taverns, and cafeterias that thankfully cater to the locals as much as it does to tourists.

The tourist infrastructure on the island has significantly developed, with Milos boasting fantastic accommodation options in the last few years. Gorgeous hotels built in traditional Cycladic architecture offering a range of amenities and features at a reasonable cost are available to create fantastic memories for your holiday. The island also offers rooms, apartments, and studios to rent for the budget traveler. Family-friendly accommodations for all tastes are available all over the island.

The most impressive thing to do on your vacation is to enjoy the gorgeous beaches. Sarakiniko, Papafragas, Tsigrado and Firopotamos are some of the most famous coasts to visit for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Sarakiniko, in particular, is the one of most photographed beaches in Greece as it looks like a moonscape.

Another impressive place to go is Kleftiko, an amazing spot on the southwestern side of the island that can be visited by boat from Adamas. Kleftiko is known as the Sea Meteora due to the impressive upside-down rocks that can be seen there.

Among the top attractions of Milos are the syrmata - traditional fishermen's houses whose ground floor functioned as a warehouse for boats. The most famous village with such houses is Klima. There, one can admire the whitewashed residencies with shutters and doors in bright colors. Nowadays, you can even stay at one of the traditional syrmata!

Last but not least, if your vacation itinerary is not very strict and time allows you to do so, consider taking a ferry from the port of Pollonia (on the northeastern side of Milos) to the neighboring Kimolos island. It is a small and quiet Cycladic island with charming beaches, traditional architecture, palatable delicacies and hospitable inhabitants.



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