Amorgos Things to do

What to do in Amorgos, Greece? Amorgos is a wonderful island with beautiful and wild beaches, charming villages and a landmark Monastery in an extraordinary landscape, overlooking the sea.
Even if the island is small and not as popular as other islands of the Cyclades, visitors will find plenty of things to do while exploring it: Boat rides to sandy beaches, exploration of some amazing sights, taste some local delicacies in the numerous restaurants and tavernas, coktails with amazing views, scuba diving sessions and more.

Without further due, let’s dive into the amazing, lively summertime on Amorgos!

We are thrilled to guide you through the possibilities you can pick from while visiting Amorgos and to help you organize your to-do list in order to enjoy the island at its fullest.

Discover the best things to do in Amorgos

  • Stroll around Chora village
    Category: Villages
    Chora is the capital of the island of Amorgos and it is considered among the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. Beautiful whitewashed houses, flowered and paved alleys, nice restaurants, it just cannot be missed.
  • Discover Hozoviotissa Monastery
    Category: Sightseeing
    Hozoviotissa monastery is one of the most photogenic and famous spots in Greece. It was built on a cliff and offers amazing views on the Aegean Sea. The Monastery can be visited and you will be welcomed by the monks.
  • Mouros beach & the Sea Caves
    Category: Beaches
    Mouros is simply the most impressive beach of Amorgos. Located under big cliffs, this pebbled beach offers amazing crystal clear waters and a cozy atmosphere. Beautiful sea caves are located there and can even swim in them.
  • Stay at a boutique hotel
    Category: Hotels
    Discover our selection with the best hotels & accommodation in Amorgos as well as information about the best locations to choose your stay, in the picturesque villages or near some of the most amazing beaches.
  • Explore the beaches of Nikouria Islet
    Category: Beaches
    Nikouria is an islet in front of Agios Pavlos beach and only accessible by boat from there. The islet offers few beautiful beaches protected from the summer winds and turquoise waters you will never forget.
  • Take an Organized tour
    Category: Tours & Activities
    Explore and experience this bautiful traditional Cycladic island by joining a professional organized tour at the mountains or joining a food tour to discover the local delicacies.
  • Dinner at Apospero Restaurant
    Category: Restaurants
    Apospero is one of those restaurants that can not be missed during a stay in Amorgos. It offers some excellent dishes using only local products. It is located in one of the most photogenic alleys of Chora, the capital of the island.
  • Ascend the Venetian Castle
    Category: Sightseeing
    The Venetian Castle is located in the center of the charming village of Chora. It was built in a prominent position on a rock and offers beautiful views of the surrounding. The access is difficult as there are many high steps.
  • Evening walk at Katapola
    Category: Villages
    Katapola is the main port of Amorgos and big chances your ferry arrives here. It is a lovely little village with a calm atmosphere and local life. You will find restaurants and bars. Don’t miss the Xilokeratidi area just in front of the bay.
  • Visit the Shipwreck
    Category: Sightseeing
    The shipwreck of Amorgos can be combined with the beach of Kalotaritissa. It is a very impressive place and for this reason was used as a setting of the famous movie “The Big Blue” of Luc Besson in 1988.
  • Take a Scuba Diving session
    Category: Sports
    The seabed of Amorgos is very rich in ancient shipwrecks and natural reefs. An interesting Amorgos diving spot is, for example, the beach of Agios Pavlos with an underwater cave full of colorful sponges and fishes.
  • Swim at Maltezi beach
    Category: Beaches
    Maltezi is a beautiful sandy beach located in the bay of Katapola. The beach is easily accessible with a little boat from the port of Katapola and can be combined on the same route with other beaches/swimming spots, like Plakes.
  • Coffee & Cocktails at Jazzmin
    Category: Bars
    Jazzmin is just the place to go for evening cocktails but also for breakfast and coffee in the morning. Jazz and other smooth tunes create a nice, chilled-out atmosphere. There is also a nice terrace with some amazing sunset views.
  • Attend a Summer Festival
    Category: Festivals & Events
    Amorgos has a long tradition in festivities that take place throughout the year but mostly during summer. The most famous are the Feast Day of Agia Paraskevi with plenty of dances, food and wine and the Psimeni Raki festival.
  • Explore Tholaria village
    Category: Villages
    Tholaria is one of the villages located in the area of Aegialis. It was built at an altitude of 182 meters above sea and offers nice views on the surroundings. There are also some nice typical little restaurants there.
  • Sweets & Cakes at Kallisto
    Category: Pastry shops
    Kallisto is a well-known pastry shop located in Chora, just after the entrance of the village. It is also one of the most photogenic places on Amorgos. You can find there some delicious homemade sweets, ice creams, pies and more.
  • Discover Aegialis village
    Category: Villages
    Aegiali is the most popular and touristy of the villages on the island. It is also the second port. Many restaurants and hotels are located along the beach. Many charming little villages are located around it.
  • Take a Hiking path
    Category: Sports
    Before cars, donkeys were the primary source of transport and has led to the creation of numerous quaint paths all over the island. They have been well preserved and visitors can enjoy a wonderful hike along these.
  • Relax at Levressos Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Levressos is a small sandy beach located in the bay of Aegialis and is mostly known among nudists. It is a beautiful beach protected from the winds and offers amazing views over the bay of Aegialis.
  • Buy some Local Products
    Category: Shops
    Don’t forget to bring back home some delicacies from Amorgos island! Rakomelo, pasteli, loukoumia, marmalades but also fava, cheese and many more local products can be found at Amorgion.
  • Lunch or Dinner at Falafel resaurant
    Category: Restaurants
    This is a cozy restaurant located in the alleys of Aegiali, ideal for brunches, light lunches, and dinners. It offers dishes influenced by Middle Eastern flavors. A great place after spending the day on the beach.
  • Sunbath at Agia Anna Beach
    Category: Beaches
    Agia Anna is a spectacular beach located near Chora and took its name from the photogenic church located there.
  • Relax with a Massage
    Category: Wellness
    Take a break from the beach and relax with a nice massage.
  • Yoga sessions
    Category: Wellness
    Throughout the year drop-in classes of Yoga and Meditation are offered, as well as therapeutic Massage sessions.