Amorgos Local products

The products of Amorgos are of (very) high quality. Despite its few inhabitants, Amorgos has excellent products and delicacies to offer. The flora is extensive, producing pure fruit, vegetables and herbs, while mushrooms also grow on the island. On the mountain slopes, visitors will encounter sheep and goats that provide the locals with their meat and milk, which is used to make delicious cheeses.

The most popular local product of Amorgos that visitors buy to take home is psimeni raki, the island's traditional alcoholic drink served at the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa on religious holidays. It consists of raki, honey and spices.

Then the local herbs (oregano, sage, etc.) and honey. The kserotigana and the pasteli are the traditional sweets you will find in pastry shops and bakeries if you want to return home with something to sweeten your loved ones. Finally, the island's olive groves allow the production of excellent quality olive oil, while in the island's only cheese-dairy, visitors can buy locally produced cheeses.

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