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The most famous sight in Amorgos is the magnificent monastery wedged into a huge precipice, at a 300-meter altitude from sea level, called the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, which became the trademark of Amorgos. The island is also famous for its wonderful beaches & fine sand, surrounded by huge cliffs, where nudism is practiced. It is also ideal for trekking since it has impressive wild geography.

Amorgos has two ports, Katapola in the southwest and the Aegiali in the northwest, both of which you can reach via ferries from Piraeus or other islands of the Aegean. Amorgos' main port is Katapola, a place with white windmills, whitewashed little houses, and narrow streets.

The main town is called Chora and is a pure spectacle: situated below a Venetian Castle, the charming village will offer great sights to the lucky visitor. With its streets giving the feeling of being lost in a labyrinth and a superb, paved central square, Chora bewitches its visitors with its quaint setting and magical atmosphere.

The following information will help every visitor who wishes to see all the beauties of Amorgos, to learn some important things about the island, like its history and architecture, where to find the best beaches, etc. as well as all the facilities and accommodations it has to offer.

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35 Reviews
  • lauris4747 26 Dec 2016
    Very wild
    This island is very wild in comparison to others I visited in Greece (There are more wild goats than people living in it) . After you get out of the boat, you could almost smell the goats! It is also pretty windy there all the time. There are no trees or vegetation, its mostly rocks and wildness. Some roads are in very poor condition so be careful driving deeper into them. And finally I would especially recommend to get special water slippers as it is only one beach in the island, other places are very rocky!

    Here is one of videos I made:
  • geria777 29 Mar 2012
    A beauty outside this world
    Every summer I try to spend some time in Amorgos, this truly magnificent island that has literally stolen my heart. When I first visited Amorgos, some years ago, I was impressed by the beautiful scenery and picturesque atmosphere. Now every summer I want to combine my holidays in Cyclades with few days in Amorgos.

    A walk in the village of Chora is just perfect for your first acquaintance with the locals of Amorgos, you will walk a labyrinth of alleys, see the old traditional houses and some really cute old fashioned kafenia, where people meet during the day. Chora is ideal for strolls and it is worth exploring its medieval character. The white color in combination with the steep landscape of Amorgos creates a unique scenery that can really captivate you. The monastery of Hozoviotissa is a must visit, the entire architecture and the view from there are fascinating to watch. When you get up to the Monastery, you will try the best rakomelo ever, especially made for visitors by the monks!

    Amorgos is pretty unspoiled from tourism and most of the beaches are quite isolated. I personally love Agios Pavlos and some small beaches where you go on foot. Levressos is absolut paradise, you might feel a little lonely at times but if you arrive early in the morning, you will have the beach for yourself. The nightlife of Amorgos is romantic. There are a couple of clubs on the island, but as I am too old for them, I can't say if they are good or not. For the nights, I prefered a nice dinner by the sea, a short walk along the beach and many hours of moonwatching from the hotel balcony.
  • ewerde 16 May 2011
    What a great island
    After visiting Amorgos Island for the first time in my life, I really was amazed about this beautiful piece of land, green and blue. I also did some geocaching there (at least 20 caches). I'm sure I will be ack again soon.
  • galian676 01 May 2011
    Unforgettable days
    This island is something else! We spend there a whole week (me and family) eating, going out and swimming in the beautiful beaches. We rented a great apartment in Chora, very comfortable and with magical view. Chora is a small village with narrow pathways and lovely windmills. I loved the architecture of the houses and the lordly buildings with fine decoration. We visited Egiali beach, one of the most popular in the island. It has amazing waters and great fish taverns.

    Agia Anna and Paradisia were ideal for me, small and isolated with crystalline waters. Luckily most of the beaches are situated near Chora and they are easily reachable by car. Visitors also shouldn't miss the Monastery of Hozoviotissa located in a beautiful landscape against the rocks. Although apart from this monastery and the castle, Amorgos has few sights to see, it is still a very interesting place with natural beauty.
  • wannabed 30 Nov 2010
    Impressive sceneries above all
    A lovely and peaceful island in the centre of the Aegean. The most fabulous thing on Amorgos is the scenery. No doubt why I've heard so good words about this island and why people want to go back over and over again. Chora is a beauty with all those labirynth streets and the coffee tables on the sun! Some spots really gave gorgeous views to the blue sea. And the sky was so bright, so clean, so cloudless. Take the walk from Chora to the Monastery and you will love it. Going up the stairs to the monastery can be a bit tiring on a hot day, but worth the effort. Our room was in Agios Pavlos by the sea, but we had rented a motorbike which make our vacations a lot easier. Buses in Greece are generally not very trustful, and usually they are packed especially in summer, so a motorbike is the cheapest and more convenient next solution. Katapola was also nice and if you walk a bit behind the cliffs, you will find amazing small beaches where you can be absolutely alone. Aegiali is nice but mostly for the evenings, because it has lots of beach bars and lounge cafes along the beach. Drive around Amorgos and you will discover fabulous small villages with friendly old people.
  • sand 21 Mar 2010
    Massif of rocky mountains
    Amorgos is an astonishing massif of rocky mountains. There aren't too many beaches but there are a few secluded with small pebbles and clean water. Amorgosis well connected by a network of hiking trails that are frequented by donkey riders. We actually toured most of the island on foot. I would strongly recommend the trail down from Chora to Katapola. For non hikers, there are buses that operate between the villages.

    Our studio was in Katapola to be close to the port and the beach. There are many bike rentals in the port and fish taverns all over. Chora is a nice place to walk in the evening and its lounge bars good to relax after a day of sunburn!! In the morning, the smell of the bakeries is to die for. Actually no need for a breakfast. We used to take a cheesepie and a coffee from the bakery and then go right away to the beach.

    The only sight in Amorgos is the monastery, 30 minutes trekking from Chora. Climbing up the stairs to the monastery will give the most amazing views. Then swim in the small beach of Agia Anna. The large pebbles will beuncomfortable for your feet but the scenery is very beautiful.
  • adelheid21 09 Mar 2010
    For lazy people like me
    Not comfortable ferry trips from Athens to Amorgos in June and in bad hours, very early in the morning or late at night (maybe better schedules in high season??), but the island is so much worth the effort.

    A great place for lazy people like me who want to lay on the beach, eat a lot of good food and go to sleep early and quietly. Amorgos is not at all good for nightlife. You will see some bars in Chora but nothing extreme. Most bars we saw opened only on Fridays and Saturdays, in the weekdays they closed at midnight.

    The beaches are beautiful and apart from the main beaches of Aegiali and Katapola, you can find many other smaller bays if you are not afraid to walk a bit. You will be alone in amazing places and nudism is welcome in some of them (but not officially). Be aware that the island is quite big, with mountains and very windy, so you'd rather rent a car than a scooter! Buses are also good, but their timetables should be more frequent and in better hours.
  • sam57 20 Jan 2010
    Come home with new spirit
    Amorgos is the perfect island for hiking. We found several hiking paths on the Internet but we tried only the easy routes because we are beginners in walking. So, we went from Chora to Agia Anna and the Monastery on foot, which took about 1 hour. I believe these three spots are the most beautiful on the island. Especially the view from the Monastery to the Aegean is the best!!

    Of course, Aegiali and Katapola are also lovely, but the best with Amorgosis that you have the feeling you're walking on paths that nobody has ever walked in the past... It's a strange feeling and very rejuvenating, isn't it?

    In the inland of Amorgos, you will feel totally free and come back home with new spirit to face your problems. I loved that people there were so relaxing: sleeping at noon, go fishing, farming the land, children playing in the square.

    I was just sad that most residents were old. Young people should have more motivations to live in the Greek islands. Our hotel was in Chora. Although we were not close to the beachside, we were in the centre of the island. After all, most trekking paths start from there.
  • nick_m 12 Jan 2010
    It's been many years since I first visited Amorgos (eight years to be punctual!!) and every time I go back and I see the ferry docking, I have this strange sense that I am returning home.

    I come to Greece almost every summer since 1998 and I have seen many lovely Greek islands, but Amorgosis something else, something like a fairyland, like the unknown land where the knights go to rest when they are tired from saving so many innocent princesses!!!

    Do not expect anything from Amorgos and the island will give you all. Every step you set from the port to the inland is like moving to another space, like deepening in the heart of paradise. If there is a paradise on earth, then mine is in Amorgos.

    Every summer, I go for at least two weeks and these days are enough to relax and spend winter, waiting for the next summer. Trekking to the monastery and Agia Anna is a favourite activity. Just try it early in the morning. At noon, it is too hot and in the afternoon, the night night trap you and as there are no lights in the streets, you will find it hard to come back.

    The two edges of Amorgos (north and south) are the least developed and expect nobody to ruin your privacy there, even in the middle of summer. For good fish, Aegiali and Katapola are the typical places and for a walk, you will love Chora. Please, don't tell other people how amazing Amorgos is, let us be the only to hold this secret!!
  • Roxanee 04 Dec 2009
    Amazing local fairs
    It's not a secret, that we decided to visit Amorgos, after watching Big Blue. Although Amorgosis in a short distance from islands of mass tourism, such as Mykonos, the island is truly unspoiled from tourism, even in the places that are considered as tourist attractions of Amorgos. We stayed 10 days in Aegiali, just because we were amazed by the colors of the water and the beach, from the pictures we saw before booking. We were not disappointed. Aegiali beach is a beautiful, long, sandy beach with stunning water color. Deep blue, light blue, blur green, you can never get enough of it!

    As we stayed there in August, we thought it's an opportunity to visit one of the local events on 15th of August. Greeks have events and local festivals almost everywhere that day, with live Greek, traditional music, dance, lots of drinks and local delicacies. One of the biggest fairs on the island is the celebration of Virgin Mary Hozoviotisa on the same day. We were told that this is the biggest fair on the island. This was an unexpected experience! You cannot be to a local Greek fair everyday! Hundreds of people, locals and tourists mixed, lots of drinking and lots of food! Some of it was free of charge from the locals. Mostly a mix of potatoes and meat, and lots of red wine.
  • agelikoni 17 Oct 2009
    Drink traditional amorgion
    Amorgos is a part of the island group called Cyclades, so it keeps up the architecture and the culture of Cyclades. Small white houses with blue painted doors and windows, windmills and slip roads that can get you lost in minutes are the main attributes of Amorgos. Very easy to get there from Piraeus, but also from the near by islands.

    Amorgos is not too crowdy and crazy as some of the other islands in the group, such as Mykonos, but it still gets lots of tourists, during the summer. We spend most of our time in the beach, usually in Aegiali. Chora is the capital of Amorgos and I strongly believe that is the imposing castle above the town is the main attraction of the island.

    Before leaving, don't forget to try Amorgion. Amorgion is a traditional drink, exclusively made by the locals. Nowadays, you can find Amorgion, mixed with lemon, orange, mastic or honey... which is pretty close to cretan rakomelo and of course sweet and tasty.
  • brig995tt6 28 Jul 2009
    Easy to forget time
    Amorgos was worth the long trip from South Africa and the many ferry hours from Athens. The island is very beautiful, a true paradise for everyone! Aegiali in particular is a charming village, very picturesque. The beaches were fantastic. The island is quiet which suited us very well. After all, we wanted a quite and relaxing place to go. The monastery and surrounding beaches were great to visit. Aegiali has great restaurants, with lots of choice. Food seemed to represent the best in Greek tradition. We always had excellent service, meals and a great time. It's easy to forget time there on Amorgos, especially after a long, tiring winter! Only the Internet Cafe was very expensive, perhaps another one could provide some competition and more realistic prices. Otherwise the island was perfect!
  • niamh 11 Jun 2009
    Romance all over the island
    Chora is the nicest village and very quite. I miss its narrow streets, the granies in the yards and the sun that was burning all day. if you go in midday in Chora, you will find nobody in the streets or the square, except perhaps from a few tourists walking up and down. All locals go to sleep at noon and wake up in the afternoon when the weather is cooler. I liked that many (old) people were sleeping in their yards, in the shadow of course. The crickets were singing all day and night and some nights you couldn't even sleep from their song. It was either the crickets or the waves that could keep you awake. Beaches on Amorgos are nice but very rocky. For me the best was Agios Pavlos, not exactly a beach but a cove with very transparent waters. Nightlife in Amorgos is very quiet, for lovers. I didn't see any club or bar with loud music, only lovely cafes with outside tables. Have a drink with the moon above you, such a romantic picture. I can't stop thinking about my next trip to Greece.
  • oilu243 05 Apr 2009
    Watch the sunset from Katapola
    Amorgos is a very nice island and unspoilt. The visit to Hozoviotissa Monastery was worth the rocky passage up to it. Chora had lovely shops and the beach at Kalotaritisa was great. Also watch the sunset from the Minoan Site at Katapola. I loved the moments to be at the harbor enjoying a frappe or a drink and watching the sunset. Prices were also impressive, half the price of Mykonos, which is quite expensive eventually.
  • aless23 08 Feb 2009
    Add more buses and lights
    Everything was quiet and unspoilt on Amorgos. Swimming was relaxing, as crowds were not big or noisy. More hotels need to be built though, as it was hard for us to find a room. In some restaurants, most of the dishes on the menu were not available and we couldn't try the specialty of the island, lamb with potatoes. Pita was very good, though. Add more buses, because scooters are not very easy to ride on this windy island. Also add more lights on the streets. The island didn't seem dangerous but it is always good to be careful, you never know what's on the next corner.
  • usa77trs 08 Dec 2008
    Maybe I go again
    I have just returned from my relaxing vacations to Amorgos. The villages were very quiet and friendly, the beaches clean and beautiful.. One of the best was Mouros beach. I found the Monastery of Hozoviotissa very interesting, too. The local food and bars were good but a little expensive. I have to say, though that eating gyros in Chora was the best thing! We also had some great drinks at a bar in Chora called "Vasilikos"... I thing I will visit the island again, as I liked it a lot.
  • petertornkvist 29 Sep 2008
    A beautiful but small island
    Amorgos is a small island perfect for very quiet holidays for couples. I do not believe that it is appropriate for families, as most of the beaches my girlfriend and I visited are relatively small and become deep very quickly. There is also very little to do apart from sitting on the beach and generally chilling out.

    Renting a car is a must as buses are infrequent. This is cheap and costs about 25 euros per day not including insurance, which was 5 euros a day. It is very fun driving the little rental cars around the steep and winding roads around the island.

    I went in late September so there was very little traffic. Katapola and Aegiali are the main towns. Katapola seems slightly larger than Aegiali. Aegiali is prettier, and has beautiful beaches. Aegiali is probably better for families as the main beach in the town is much nicer and more family friendly than its equivalent in Katapola. There is also a couple of really pretty beaches to the west of the town along the coast. The nicest beaches are on the south side of the island. Our favourite was Agia Ana. It is small but has a lovely pebbled beach. The scenery is breathtaking. Many of the beaches require climbs down precarious mountain paths.

    We stayed in Katapola and found that the quality of the accomodation was not as high as at the other islands. I highly recommend that if you can you look around several places before choosing one. This is probably good advice for any Greek island. We stayed at Pension Amorgos for one night. It is a pleasant enough place but we decided to move to Anna's Studios for the remainder of the trip. This was also OK.

    A general tip for travelling in Greece is to make sure that the fridge doesn't make noise, as this can and did for us make for some nights of poor sleep. You should check ferry times carefully before planning your trip. We didn't and ended up arriving in Katapola at 3 am. This sucked quite a lot as it meant the whole next day was spent being knackered and grumpy. All in all Amorgos is well worthwhile a visit for a quiet and relaxing holiday.
  • elisaty 15 Sep 2008
    Still a quite unspoiled island
    Last summer I traveled from Sweden to Amorgos. I spent around five or six days on the island. Egiali and Chora were nice villages. Especially the beach at Egiali is very good for children. Amorgos is fortunately still a quite unspoiled island, with beautiful views and sunsets, just as I like it. Not too expensive yet. Generally the food was good and still very Greek, which is positive. Tour in Chora, swimming and snorkeling in the sea, I will miss that.
  • makis 08 Aug 2008
    Quiet and friendly
    I have just returned from my relaxing vacations to Amorgos. The villages were very quiet and friendly, the beaches clean and beautiful.. One of the best was Mouros beach.I found the Monastery of Hozoviotissa very interesting, too. The local food and bars were good but a little expensive. I have to say, though that eating gyros in Chora was the best thing! We also had some great drinks at a bar in Chora, "Vasilikos Chora"..I thing I will visit the island again, as I liked it a lot.
  • chris46red 20 Jul 2008
    Not spoiled by mass tourism
    I was in Amorgos last April. It was quite difficult to reach the island. The trip had very bad connection from Patmos, we had to change ferries at Syros at midnight for a ferry at 7am and the whole island was shut down. Nothing was open at that time, not even a fast food restaurant. We had to sit in the street to wait from 3am to 6am as the ferry terminal was also closed. Not very good at all.

    Amorgos though is a beautiful island because it is not yet spoiled by mass tourism. When we were there, it was not a high season and the beauty of the island was that it was everything a Greek island should be- small whitewashed villages, pretty beaches, a magnificent monastery and a cool nightlife. As we were there in low season only one restaurant was open and it was superb.

    Relax and enjoy!
  • marc.stuypens 19 May 2008
    It's not easy to get to the island Amorgos because it is one of the most easterly of the Cyclades.(after te stop in Amorgos ther ferryt brings you to Astipalea) That's one of the reasons why I wanted to go there,. From Belgium your first have to take a flight to Santorini, then a ferry to Naxos an afterwards take a little ferry to Amorgos. There are only three towns: the harbours Katapola (western side)and Egiali (eastern side)and the old hillvillage Chora. This village is really still unspoiled. No t-shirt shops only two little restaurants, one nice bar with good relaxing music, one shop, one pharmacy and some basic rooms. At the harbours you have some more basic shops and little restaurants. This island is perfect for people who like the quietness of a greek island, perfect for walkers with a good physical condition to take the welknown foothpath Egiali on the top of the island. Of course everybody has once seen in his life the picture of the white monastery CHOZOVIOTISSA, 300 m above sea level. You have some good beaches in the bays of Egiali (with super standard hotel on a cliff) and Katapola. The famous tiny Agia Anna nudist beach is only suitable for a few people and the steps to get there are rough. The few roads on this mountainous island give you fantastic views, sometime you see the both seasides of the island at once, 360°. More your eyes can see. An island to discover for greek fanatics! I stayed 4 days, 2 at Egiali (luxus hotel)and 2 at Katapola. I prefered my stay at Maria Rooms Katapola and in the afternoon, with the car, pay a visit to Chora to listen to the relaxing music and went to the beach in front of Katapola.No many busses on Amorgos,so if you have the possibility to have your own mobility you will get more freedom on your visits and beachtime.
  • daniela6709 07 May 2008
    Waking up with the cockcrow
    Amorgos is a wild island. Beaches are many and easy to reach. Also in August there aren't much tourists's simply fantastic!!! The waters are blue and crystal! There isn't a real nightlife, there are some restaurants and a couple of bars. It's an ideal island for people that are looking for quietness. Chora is lovely. It's not rich but incredibly the morning we woke up with the cockcrow!!
    Local food is very good and in particular all dishes with lamb.
    There's a bakery at the entrance of Chora that makes very savoury sweets!
    The best Beaches are Gramovoussa, Paradise beach, Kalokairitissa
    I would suggest to the authorities to put more bins all over the island.
    Go and visit this wild island, it will not disappoint!
  • filobr35 24 Apr 2008
    Too expensive
    I have been to Amorgos twice. Last time I traveled by boat and it was overbooked. I tried to book my tickets online and it was impossible. As all the boats were full, it was very difficult to reach Amorgos. Despite
    that, my opinion on Amorgos is Very good. The only problem is that the prices are as high as in the main European countries... but the services are lower. I have been to Greece at least 20 times. I love Greece. But you should either keep low prices and low services or increase your prices and your sevices! Now we pay more than 1000 Euros for 2 weeks in a pension and you can't even pay by visa...The food is excellent but too expensive, like I said.
  • rachelbnb 11 Apr 2008
    More staff and accommodation needed
    I hadn't been to Amorgos before and I wanted to see the place. So I traveled there in August last summer. Beaches were nice but there were some seaweeds. Staying in Aegiali made going to the beach pretty simple but we didn't visit any of the southern beaches because they were too far and the bus route was inconvenient. Chora had some nice shops too. The restaurants in Aegiali and Chora were ok, but the service was usually pretty bad, possibly because it was high season and everyone was going mad. The cafes where we had breakfast in Aegiali were nice, in particular Frou Frou which had the best food. I would recommend Levrossos as the best beach. However, as there seems to be influx of tourists, the service should improve in the restaurants by hiring more staff for the high season. Also, they probably need to build more tavernas and other facilities to accommodate the large number of people. The same probably
    applies for hotels, as loads of people had to sleep on the beach.
    Probably useful to have a car. Don't go in August, prefer earlier months or September.
  • sunnyse 27 Mar 2008
    My secret beach
    I live far away from Greece, but the distance never stopped me from traveling there.I have been to Amorgos 5 times before. It took only 14 hours to go from my door in Sweden to the door in Amorgos. In Amorgos you can find everything you need for a perfect vacation. The villages are all beautiful, each in its own way. I love walking all different footpaths and, of course, swimming. But, I will not reveal you my secret perfect beach!
    More bus connections on the island would be great. My advice is to
    explore the island by yourself, it's the best you can do.
  • Kelly_F 28 Feb 2008
    A traditional small island
    The reason I chose Amorgos is that I have already visited the most famous Greek islands such as Santorini, Paros etc and, although I loved it evey single time, I had enough of crowded places. A friendly couple recommended the island of Amorgos as a place quiet and not a hot tourist spot. They had right!It is really small and very traditional, all kept as it was. We stayed at the capital, Chora and from there we visited also the other villages, by car.I liked Katapola village as well. For swimming we took the small boat to Nicouria, it's a small island where the beach is better for swimming, Amorgos has not that great beaches. The food was very good, of course fish taverns everywhere! It was what we needed to relax, a nice experience actually.
  • Nicoletta 14 Nov 2007
    If you like trekking Amorgos is for you
    The place is wonderful, the small villages are absolutely stunning, and you can find nice beaches with easy access ( even though these are crowded in the afternoon). Obviously best places are far from bus stations, so if you like trekking, Amorgos is for you. The monastery of Chossoviotissa is impressive, especially if you arrive from north by foot. Best beach: Ammoudi - Chalara; Best village: Eghiali - Tholaria; Best Activity : trekking and swimming; Best Bar/Pub/Club: everything on the beach or through the small streets of Chora. Food is really very good; possibly you would expect to eat more fish but they have a wide variety of meat (stuffed, fried, grilled) and local vegetables. Prices are affordable, considering I'm used to Italian restaurants, and portions are big. Chora is a little more expensive.
    Come to Amorgos only if you are not looking for a "typical" five star vacation: here women dress in black with white foulards, men ride donkeys, and 80% of the streets are not good for cars. This island is suspended in the previous century and life goes with sun and pastoral activities. But if you are ready to walk free through Mediterranean vegetation and funny goats for hours, you'll reach the bluest of seas and the whitest little chapels nearby.
    I hope it will remain for years and years as beautiful and wild as it is now.
  • robynkild 09 Aug 2007
    Attractive and friendly
    I had lived in Greece for two years 30 years ago and had always wanted to return for a holiday. The beaches were great, nice and sandy with plenty of shade if you need it and of course having the tavernas where you could get coffee or lunch was a bonus. The islands best beach I believe is Aegiali. we visited several villages and thought Aegiali and Hora were the most attractive and friendly. We stayed in Aegiali. We found the resturants to have fantastic food and in general good service and very good value. We dined in five of the restaurants in Aegiali and one in Langarda and found them to be all of a good standard for both food and service. We also had coffee in a few of the smaller cafes and they were also very good. Make sure you visit Amorgos and do not forget to go to Hora!
  • A_Syriatou 20 May 2007
    An island which combines everything
    Hello, my name is Ada Syriatou and I'm from Greece. I'm 39 years old, and the summer of 2006 I visited the island of Amorgos in Cyclades. I arrived on the island by a boat named Dimitroula but the trip was not good and had many delays.
    It was a personal choice to visit this island. I really liked the landscapes, and the nice environment. The local transportation was excellent and gave us the opportunity to see a lot of places. The vehicle’s condition was also excellent with very good service. Good prices in almost everything is another thing I liked.
    The best beach in my opinion was Aegiali, and the nicest village Katapola. A tip I’d give to future visitors is to stay in Katapola when visit.
  • sartre 16 Nov 2006
    Great beaches and traditional villages
    Nationality: French
    Age: 31
    Countries visited: 30+
    The Trip: I arrived on the island by Plane with Air France and boat with Dimitroula. The trip was good with no delays
    Reasons for going to Amorgos: Recommended by friends
    Idea before arriving: Just that it is very beautiful and there are great beaches
    Favorite things about the island/area:
    Best Beaches : Agios Paulos
    Best Villages : Langada
    Best Activity : Hiking
    Best Restaurant : To Limani, Aegiali
    Negative opinion about the island:
    The only negative opinion I have is that i wish i could have stayed longer
    Recommendations for future visitors:
    Try to go to Agios Paulos beach it is a beautiful beach
    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries
  • sasse 02 Nov 2005
    Go back to Amorgos nearly every year
    Nationality: Germany
    Age: 54

    The trip: I arrived on the island of Amorgos on the night with Blue Star ferries. It was nice and the sea was calm.
    Reasons for going to Amorgos: I first came in Amorgos, Greece, in 1983, felt in love to the island and go back there nearly every year.
    Idea before arriving: I already knew the island of Amorgos and really loved it!
    Expectations and opinions: Of course. It meets our expectation every year except that this year we were late and miss all the dance and music festivals.
    Favorite thing about Amorgos: The walks through the mountains, the quietness, the people.
    Negative opinion: The increasing traffic. Too many tourists in the high season. Many things has changed since 1983!

    We will definitely go back to Amorgos, of course!
  • rob 03 Oct 2005
    Better in low season
    Amorgos is one of my favourite islands.

    Nevertheless I strongly recommend anyone to avoid visiting the island in late July and beginning of August because it gets crowded with French and school groups?not very relaxing.

    But if you go during June or even better, in September, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauties and charms of the island in peace and tranquillity.
  • petra 29 Sep 2005
    The love island
    I went to Amorgos with my boyfriend in July. We rented a room in Hora, capital of the island; this village is so beautiful with its white houses and its labyrinth streets; it is dominated by a 13th century Venetian castle and its known as the medieval town of the island. Because Hora has been built 400 metres above sea level it offers some amazing views?very romantic.

    We visited the famous Monastery of Hozoviotissa which is trademark of Amorgos and comes out of the rocks, on a precipice overlooking the sea; it is very impressive! We walk all the way up to it and were rewarded by the monks who offered us fresh fruits and rakomelo, a local drink made of strong alcohol, honey and cinnamon.

    You can imagine that the way down was a lot easier after that very strong and revitalising drink.

    As for the beaches, they were all very beautiful, with clean, deep blue waters and fine sand or rocks. We went to many of them among which the one of Agia Anna, which is famous because scenes of the movie Big Blue were shot there, and the lovely nudist beach of Levrossos, near Aegiali. Our entire stay was a real delight and I really hope we will manage to go back there.
  • thomas68 28 Sep 2005
    Perfect place
    Amorgos Island in Greece is just perfect!

    It has great beaches and good bars. There is even a cafe playing the movie Big Blue all day long!

    I went there with my family and we had a great, great time. We stayed in an hotel at the port of Aegiali where you have everything you need.

    I really hope we are going to go back there next summer!
  • jeanpratt 14 Jun 2005
    Better than the movie
    Since I saw the movie of Luc Besson, the Big Blue, my dream was to visit the amazing island shown in the beginning of the film. Last year my dream came true; I was stroke by the beauty of the place; it was even better than in the movie. The beaches were better that what I expected and the capital, Hora, was splendid. I didn?t found even one thing that I disliked and I can?t wait to go back to the place of my dreams, the wonderful Amorgos.