Museums in Amorgos

The characteristic island of Amorgos is inhabited since the prehistoric times where hundreds of findings were discovered throughout the ages from the three ancient settlements of Aegiali, Arkesini, and Minoa, most of which can be viewed in the Archaeological Museum of the island. Of major importance are the several treasures that were brought to light like inscriptions, statues and other architectural parts.

The museum is housed in a beautiful Venetian building, the famous Gavras Tower. Among the most important exhibits are the marble male figure and the female trunk that depicts goddess Artemis. The collection is enriched by several manuscripts and relics from the Archaic and Roman period. It is worthwhile visiting it as it is the only museum in Amorgos.

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Archaeological Collection

The Archaeological Collection of Amorgos is housed in Gavras Tower, one of the few Venetian towers that have survived on the island. It includes findings from excavation sites on Amorgos, such as Prehistoric tools, marble sculptures, remains of ancient temples and others.

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