Amorgos Archaeological Collection

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Location: Chora

The Archaeological Collection of Amorgos Greece, Cyclades: The Archaeological Collection of Amorgos is housed in the reception hall of Gavras Tower, this restored Venetian building in Chora. In this hall, the exhibits are mostly sculptures, statues, ceramics, tools, weaponry, and relics dating from the Archaic period (6th century B.C.) till the Roman times (2nd century A.D).

Almost all the exhibits are findings from the three ancient towns of the island (Aegialis, Arkesini, and Minoa) and from few other positions. There are also few exhibits in the yard of Gavras Tower, including funerary columns dating from the 6th century B.C. till the early Christian Era, marble parts of ancient temples, headless statues and relics that have been found in excavations all around the island.



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