Although the island is not tourist developed, there are many places to eat and drink in Amorgos. Restaurants and traditional taverns are found all around the island, especially in tourist spots such as Chora, Aegialis, and Katapola, but also in less touristic villages such as Tholaria and Lagada. A walk around Chora will bring you to many picturesque cafes, some serving traditional beverages and sweets. Other cafes are found by the seaside. For a night out, Amorgos has few bars and clubs, but generally, the island is not suitable for crazy nightlife. The atmosphere is more lounge here.

Are you looking for places to eat and drink in Amorgos island? Here are some interesting suggestions to have a meal or dinner, enjoy a relaxing coffee and spend the night out in Amorgos. If you have visited any of these places, feel free to leave your feedback or upload their photos, if you have.