Amorgos Architecture

The architecture of Amorgos is known for its diversity due to the numerous invasions that the island has suffered throughout the ages. Chora is the only village that has preserved its original Medieval character from the early Christian times whereas the entire island is a charming mixture of Byzantine, Venetian, Neoclassical and typical Cycladic architecture, characterized by its little round-roofed white houses with blue windows and doors. Churches, monasteries like the famous Panagia Hozoviotissa, traditional windmills and historical buildings like the Secondary School of Chora create a captivating setting and atmosphere that attracts thousands of people every year.

The old and traditional architecture of this island has been strictly guarded through the years and remains diachronic. A remarkable example of Byzantine architecture is certainly the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa. It is known as the jewel of Amorgos and ranks among the most beautiful monasteries on the Greek islands. The splendid structure sits at the side of a cliff, offering moments of peacefulness and a fascinating view of the Aegean Sea. Well-preserved remnants from the Medieval times are still apparent in the villages of Amorgos but the most impressive is definitely the Venetian Castle in Chora.

Visitors will find many hotels that have been designed with respect to traditional Cycladic architecture.