Amorgos Hiking

Hiking on Amorgos: Since the first proper roads were created on the island in the 1990s, Amorgos has been the ideal spot for visitors who enjoy a good trek. Before cars came into existence, donkeys were the primary source of transport on the island, which has led to the creation of numerous quaint paths that lead all over the island. Most of these traditional paths have been well preserved and visitors can enjoy a wonderful hike along these.

As far as hiking is concerned, some of the most popular routes include Katapola to Chora or to the ancient Minoan settlement. Hiking from Chora to Aegiali is a little more arduous and should be attempted by experienced hikers. This long trip goes around the mountain ridge of the island.

Another route is that from Egiali to Langada, onto Agios Theologos, then to Stavros and back to Egiali. Hikes from Kamari and Arkesini have also captured the interest of visitors, as they provide various scenic views. You will find that many routes are marked by signposts, making things easier for novice hikers.