Amorgos Hellenistic Tower

The Hellenistic Tower of Arkesini in Amorgos: Ruins of towers from the Hellenistic period can be visited on Amorgos Island. These remains throw light on the highly developed Hellenistic civilization that existed on the island.

The Hellenistic tower in Arkesini is also called Agia Triada Tower and owes this name to the nearby church of Agia Triada. The dating of the original church is doubtful and its construction dates to the Early Christian or Early Byzantine period.

The first works on the tower began in 1993 and continued until 2002. Wild vegetation was removed from the archaeological remains and the newly-apparent structures changed the image of the monument and the surrounding area. Further restoration work made the sight accessible to numerous visitors.

The recovered movable finds and the presence of multiple building remains dating from the Prehistoric to the Modern period confirm the continuous use of the site since antiquity.

The fortress is located on a low hill on the route leading to Kastri, the ancient town of Arkesini and its port, Kato Kampos. It was able to control access to the adjacent fertile valley of the village while offering protection to the inhabitants in case of attack. 

As the findings do not constitute a reliable chronological criterion and scientists have not discovered written information and inscriptional evidence at the site, the dating of the tower is based on its morphology. The similarity with certainly dated defensive works of the classical period in Attica, combined with epigraphic evidence from Arkesini, which confirm the close relations with Athens, reinforce the chronological inclusion of the monument in the 4th century BC.

Opening hours: ►Summer: Daily 08:30-15:00 except Tuesdays
►Winter: Upon contact with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades and the Amorgos Archaeologists.

The entrance to the Hellenistic Tower of Arkesini is free of charge.