Amorgos Festivals & Cultural Events

The religious feasts and local festivals of Amorgos are deeply rooted in the past and have a strong connection with the Greek Orthodox church. The Cycladic island has a long tradition in festivities that take place throughout the year, where inhabitants are involved in the organizing of the feast, and visitors taste the delicious recipes and dance to the traditional music of Amorgos. The major festivals in Amorgos are:

Religious festivals & feasts

The Celebration of Easter is the most important religious feast in the Christian calendar. During the week of Easter, various ceremonies and religious services take place in the churches of the island but the most unique experience is during the Epitaphion, on the Holy Friday night and on Easter Sunday when the icon of Virgin Mary is kept in Hozoviotissa Monastery and is taken out in the streets of Chora for a week before it is back to the monastery.

Feast Day of Agioi Anargyroi
The feast day of Agion Anargyron is celebrated on the 1st of July, in the villages of Tholaria and Aegialis. There are traditional music and dances.

Feast Day of Agia Paraskevi
On the 26th of July, there are celebrations for the feast day of Agia Paraskevi. The homonymous church lies in Arkesini and during that day there is plenty of food and wine. It is one of the major celebrations of Amorgos where thousands of pilgrims and visitors arrive.

August 6th
On August 6th, the Transfiguration of Christ, locals are involved in one of the greatest feasts of Amorgos which takes place in Chora, at Loza square with wine and local music.

November 21st
On November 21st, Amorgos celebrates the anniversary of Virgin Mary Hozoviotissa Monastery, the saint protector of the island. During this day many local festivities take place in the villages with wine and food. The monastery receives a great number of pilgrims.

August 15th
On August 15th, there is a big festival in honor of Panagia Panochoriani. Plenty of local delicacies are served with the legendary amorgion rakomelo (raki with honey).

Cultural festivals

Psimeni Raki Festival
Psimeni Raki festival is one of the liveliest events in Amorgos. It takes place every summer in late July/ early August in Katapola. Visitors are served raki (the local drink) mixed with honey and traditional food.