Rakomelo of Amorgos

The Amorgian Rakomelo: Rakomelo is the traditional liquor of Amorgos island. The ingredients of this strong liquor include alcohol distilled from grapes (known as raki), honey and various herbs (no preservatives are added). Tourists will find that the strongly flavored rakomelo will match well with the local cuisine.

Rakamelo is traditionally enjoyed by the natives at the traditional coffee shops in the afternoon, along with cinnamon stick and other delicacies. This traditional alcoholic beverage has been produced on the island of Amorgos since the ancient times (it was called psimeni raki in those days) and was always served along with food when friends and relatives came to visit.

At the Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, the patroness of the island, monks traditionally used to greet the pilgrims offering them rakomelo and loukoumades (a sweet covered with lots of sugar) as a restorative after the steep and arduous climb up to the monastery. This drink is also offered at weddings.

The impressive thing is that this particular drink was mentioned by Aristophanes, the great comedian writer of ancient Athens, who advised women to give their husband a glass of Amorgion rakomelo in order to provoke their sexual feelings.