Spetses Things to Do

We have gathered a list of the Best Things to Do in Spetses, which includes the absolute must-sees and must-dos of the captivating Saronic Island: places to visit, sights, beaches, tours, where to eat, activities, and more.

In brief, the top things to do are to stroll around the elegant Spetses Town and the Old Harbor, swim in the dazzling waters of the beaches, and go on excursions to nearby destinations.

Open the table of contents to see our suggestions for the 10+ best things to do once on Spetses Island.

1. Walk around Spetses Town

Category: Villages

Strolling the picturesque capital town of the westernmost island of the Argo-Saronic Gulf is the best thing to do during your stay! Strolling the quaint alleys of the island and walking along the promenade will gift you images of magnificent scenery; the elegant mansions bear witness to the erstwhile wealth of Spetses and, during your stroll, you will also encounter many of the island’s sights.

The route from Dapia (port) to the Old Harbor is equally beautiful. Baltiza (as they call it) and the boatyards prove the rich naval tradition and heritage. You will definitely be tempted to stop and photograph the imposing mansions, the boatyards, and the sea harmoniously coexisting!

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2. Swim in emerald waters

Category: Beaches

The exceptional beauty of Spetses beaches is among the top reasons why visitors fall in love with the island! Crystal-clear waters surrounded by pine trees are the landscape that characterizes the typical beach in Spetses, while the coastline also features small and large caves where the sea glimmers!
The majority of beaches are organized, offering parasols, sunbeds, and at least one cafe or restaurant at a close distance.

During summer, tourist boats depart from Dapia and circumnavigate the island. By getting on one of those, visitors can get to the charming western beaches, like Agioi Anargiri and Zogeria. The best and most beautiful beach on the island, Agia Paraskevi, is also located on the western coast.

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3. Stay in an elegant accommodation

Category: Hotels

Looking for a place to stay in Spetses? The island offers many lovely options! These are our favorite hotels and accommodations in the area:

• The top option could not be other than the world-known Poseidonion. Considered a landmark by many, the well-equipped cosmopolitan hotel was built in 1914 and stands right next to the port, allowing exceptional sea views.
Orloff is a magnificent resort situated close to the Old Harbor. It is simply yet elegantly decorated and its amenities include a swimming pool and a restaurant.
Niriides is a neat guesthouse in Dapia offering traditional yet delicately decorated rooms with sea or garden views.
Villa Nika is a boutique hotel in Agia Marina with a big swimming pool and a large garden. Due to its facilities and proximity to the beach and shops, it is ideal for families.

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4. Eat palatable food

Category: Eat & Drink

The cosmopolitan status the island holds is responsible for the high quality of food and services in the local restaurants. Since the island is beyond beautiful, all the restaurants are located in magnificent locations. Many are built around the port and by the water, overlooking the sea, while others offer views of the town or the respective settlement. The most famous dish is Fish a la Spetsiota, a local variation of fish paki. As the ingredients used in restaurants and taverns are extra fine, it is worth trying when you come across it on a menu!

Our restaurant recommendations include Liotrivi at the Old Harbor, Patralis in Kounoupitsa, and On the Verandah, at the open-air porch of the Poseidonion Hotel.

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5. Go on a day trip to nearby destinations

Category: Ferries

Many travelers who select Spetses for their summer holidays tend to take advantage of the island’s convenient location and the frequency of ferry itineraries so that they can add more places to their schedule. During summer, around five (5) ferries per day connect Spetses with Hydra and Poros, as well as the regions of Ermioni and Porto Heli in the Peloponnese. Since none of them is widespread, they all comprise excellent destinations for a one-day excursion!

Ferries from Spetses

6. Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride

Category: Other

Hopping on a carriage is one of the best things to do in Spetses. Away from the fumes and noise that come with cities, a horse carriage is a unique way to see the town and the environs while feeling like a noble or a royal. There are more than 30 carriages, which start their rides from two locations - Dapia Port and Poseidonion Square.

7. Have a drink by the sea

Category: Eat & Drink

As numerous bars are located along the coastal road, enjoying a spirit next to the cerulean waters is the best thing to do before going to sleep!

A common night out starts with having a cocktail or aperitif in one of the bars around the port or the alleys toward the church of Agios Mamas - the ambiance there is casual and fun.
People who love drinking, dancing and long nights then head to Baltiza, where bars of all types lie and people stay up until the early morning hours.
The avid partyers may prefer going to one of the local clubs, which are also located around the Old Harbor.

Palms and Throubi are two of the most visited bars on the island.

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8. Visit the historical and cultural sites

Category: Sightseeing

Spetses is an island with a long history and tradition in shipping, which is why most of its attractions are related to the sea and ships.
The Old Harbor and the boatyards around it are spots that every traveler should visit at least once! The island's lighthouse is one of the first in Greece and close to it, you will find the art park of bronze statues. The museums of the island are the Museum of Bouboulina and the Spetses Museum and the most important churches are the Church of Agios Nikolaos and the Church of Panagia Armata, all found in Spetses Town. Finally, of major interest is the Anargyrios and Korgialeneios School.

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9. Discover hidden gems via hiking

Category: Sports

Despite its size, Spetses has a well-formed network of 19 trails, giving individuals the opportunity to explore the island and discover hidden beauties! Those are known as the “Spetses Paths” and the total length of the routes is around 65 km. Always make sure to have means of sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), water, and food on you before starting your hike - especially during the summer months!

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10. See the impressive fireworks during the Armata Festival

Category: Festivals

Every year since the 1930s, locals celebrate the win of the small Greek fleet against the Ottoman in the naval battle of Armata, thanks to the heroism of Kosmas Barbatsis, a torchbearer from Spetses, who set fire to the Turkish flagship. Armata Festival, the commemoration of this epic defeat of the Ottomans, takes place in the first week of September, but the peak event is the reenactment of the battle along with a very impressive firework show on September 8th.

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11. Take part in the Spetses Mini Marathon

Category: Sports

Spetses Mini Marathon first took place in 2011 Thenceforth, it has not stopped growing and gaining popularity and is now considered a premier amateur sporting event in Greece. People from all over the world travel to the beautiful Saronic Island to partake in the unique event, which includes running and swimming races.

12. Spetses Care for Animals

Category: Other

The SCFA veterinary clinic was founded in 2021 by the Potamianos Family. Its main goals are to treat and protect the animals of Spetses and find a forever home for all stray cats!
If you want to support their work or take an adorable fluffy creature, visit their website www.scfa.gr.