Spetses Church of Agios Nikolaos

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Location: Town

The gorgeous Church of Agios Nikolaos is a seaside Orthodox church building southeast of the new port of Spetses. It first started as a monastery around 1700, then turned into a church in 1800, and is now the Archdiocese of Spetses. Agios Nikolaos is the island’s patron saint since the early inhabitants of Spetses were mostly fishermen or part of a sailing crew!

Agios Nikolaos Church boasts whitewashed exteriors and red roof tiles, along with an imposing bell tower that was built with marble from Tinos back in 1805! Furthermore, the temple also features gorgeous interiors, including large candelabras, hanging censers, chandeliers, and a luxurious gilded iconostasis, while the church’s walls are filled with beautiful iconographies of various saints!

This spot is a meeting place of grand importance, given that it was the place where revolutionaries gathered to decide on the island’s participation in the War of Independence in 1821! In addition, there is a large bronze memorial in front of the chapel (created by sculptor Byron Kesses) commemorating the heroes lost in battle.

The Church of Agios Nikolaos celebrates annually on the 6th of December!



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