Spetses Bekiris Cave

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Location: Agioi Anargiri

This is one of the most beautiful and difficult spots to reach on the island of Spetses. The impressive Cave of Bekiris is called the cave of filmmakers and lovers, as it fascinates visitors with the beauty of its inside.

The inside of the cave is amazing, with blue-green water and a small sandy beach on one side. Stalactites and stalagmites form strange shapes and create a romantic environment, ideal for couples. In fact, a romantic scene from the Greek film Tzeni Tzeni had been filmed inside this cave in 1965.

Two stories tell how this cave took its name. The first story relates to a man named Bekiris who was living there some centuries ago, all alone, and a seal would come every day to bring him fish to eat.
Another story, more believable, is that a lot of people from Spetses had found shelter in this cave in 1770 when the Turks were plundering the island. Unfortunately, a man named Bekiris betrayed them and all the people were slaughtered.

Located close to Agioi Anargiri beach, on the western side of the island, you can reach the cave either following a trekking path through a pine forest or by boat. However, as the entrance of the cave is very low, you will have to swim to get in.



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