Spetses Monastery of Agioi Pantes

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Location: Agia Marina

The Monastery of Agioi Pantes is one of two central monasteries in Spetses and the oldest one on the island. Reports indicate that a church was operating in its location as early as 1803, 18 years before Greece was vying for its independence against the Ottoman Empire. Next to the church, a woman named Sofronia founded the all-women’s monastery around 1830, which is still active to this day.

In 2001 the old church was rebuilt after certain issues were discovered in its foundation. The church was completely dismantled and a larger one was built in its place. In the enclosure around the monastery, the tomb of Anargyros can be seen. He was one of Spetses’ main benefactors and a major helping hand in the development of the island at the end of the 19th century.

The church and the monastery celebrate with a special religious festival during the Greek Orthodox All Saints’ Sunday. This holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after 50 days from the Greek Orthodox Easter have passed and it commemorates all Saints in Orthodox Scripture.

During the days of the Holy Week, the week before the Greek Orthodox Easter, the services with their engaging hymns in the church are worth attending. Another outstanding aspect of the Church of Agioi Pantes and its monastery is the vivid religious icons and depictions of a multitude of Orthodox Saints. The development of icons is renowned in multiple monasteries around Greece, but the work of the women in this monastery is truly exceptional.

How to get there

Starting from the Beach of Agios Mamas near the old port of Spetses, and following the road towards Agia Marina, one would arrive at the Church of Agios Eleftherios, on the right side of the trail. By taking the ascending path from this church for 1.5 kilometers, the Monastery of Agioi Pantes is discernible.



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