Spetses Anargyros Mansion

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Location: Town

The Anargyros Mansion vividly resembles an Egyptian palace or temple from an outside view, which is what the merchant envisioned after all. The two imposing sphinxes in the front decorate the entrance of this two-storey mansion. The main building is surrounded by the garden, which in turn is surrounded by its pebble walkways and tall palm trees.

Despite its deterioration through the years, the “Neith” remains a majestic landmark of this island, producing a rare sight of ancient Egyptian and Greek architecture, as well as Greek neoclassical architecture of modern times integrated into one building.

Sotirios Anargyros was a prominent benefactor of Spetses, one who provided the island with important financial aid through his extensive trading practices on the island. In 1903, he began building his mansion, majorly influenced by Egyptian mythology. A year later, he finished construction and named it “Neith” after the Egyptian goddess of war and hunting.

The lower floor is adorned by multiple symmetrical columns that are connected to the balcony of the upper floor, upon which you can see the breathtaking view of the island’s main city and the nearby old estates. Upon entering the building, one would assume that they were visiting an ancient Greek temple, before promptly witnessing the spectacle of Greek neoclassical architecture by observing the mansion’s living and dining rooms and Anargyros’ official office. The internal staircase that leads to the upper floor is as impressive as the entrance of the main building.

The mansion has had many functions in its 100-year history. It was originally built as the house of the famous merchant and served as such until his death in 1928. In this timespan, it also housed many upper-class visitors who wanted to marvel at its incredible architecture, such as kings, queens and prominent historical figures. Afterwards, during WWII, it served as the island’s town hall, with German occupants of the island holding interrogations in the building. After the war, it remained empty and is now a relic of the history of Spetses. Nowadays, it is only accessible with special permission from the Anargyrion and Korgialenion College Foundation, but even its entrance and commanding presence in the city center remain a sight to see.



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