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Town Village Spetses: The town of Spetses has an important harbour called Dapia that constitutes its trade centre. In Dapia, visitors will be able to see the most important places on the island, such as the Spetses museum and the Anargyros mansion, one of the best architectural examples of early 20th century. These are placed at the cobble-stoned Clock Square, where a concentration of bars and restaurants can also be found. The numerous narrow streets of Dapia have also many well maintained old mansions.

A highly recommended place of interest is the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of sailors, just outside Spetses Town. It is open to visitors, but there is a dressing code, long trousers and covered shoulders for men and long skirts for women.

The town of Spetses concentrates most of the available facilities, and counts on banks, grocery shops, a bakery, some supermarkets, a fresh fish market, a mope rental, restaurants, bars cafes, and a wide variety of shops, clothes boutiques, jewellery shops and gift shops. The restaurants are great for having dinner. Many of them tend to be very traditional and play Greek music, while others at the waterfront serve freshly caught fish dishes. These, in combination to the clubs, form part of the varied night scene of Spetses Town. There are also interesting accommodation options, such as hotels, house rentals and nice villas in the area.

Cars are not allowed on Spetses Town, so horses, donkeys and bicycles are usual means of transport. However, for covering long distances there is a local bus service from the new port along the north coast, stopping on the town beach, and taking people to the east coast. Right outside the town there is a water-sports club and a horse riding centre. There are also boats that part from Dapia late in the morning for the beach of Agioi Anargyri and come back late in the afternoon.

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4 stars

The Orloff Resort was born in the cosmopolitan Old Harbor of Spetses, where the heart of the island’s nobility and historical tradition beats. The goal set in the minds and the hearts of its creators, was a place of tranquility to relax the eye and rest the body. It has 22 rooms, 7 different types ...

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Poseidonion Grand Hotel, which first opened in 1914, was the brainchild of Sotirios Anargiros, a visionary benefactor who was responsible for much of Spetses’ development. Furthermore, it represented the cosmopolitan face of the island and soon became one of its famous landmarks, a favorite ...


Mare Monte

3 stars

Mare Monte Suites is a boutique hotel in Spetses comprising 6 luxury units (2 suites and 4 apartments) designed according to the highest standards to provide the most comfortable and at the same time sophisticated accommodation.


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Spetses MuseumBouboulina MuseumAnargyrios schoolChurch of Agios NikolaosChurch of Panagia Armata



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  • vasilikiang 11 Oct 2011
    Luxurious even today
    A very interesting museum only few metres from Dapia, the port of Spetses. This is actually the second home of the Greek heroine and has many private things inside. This place was used as the home of a family, descendant of Bouboulina, who was living there till a couple of decades ago. Then they decided to move their home to the ground floor and turn the upper floors as a museum. Only the first floor works as a museum, the second floor, where the bedrooms were, is still under renovation. The first floor has a large sitting room, a study room and even a hiding place, where the family would hide in case of war or pirate attack. The furniture are pretty impressive and very luxurious for that time, even for today. The ceiling has nice carved designs and it was ordered in Venice, as many other furniture in there. The tour guide is excellent and very informative. It would be nice to have some organized tours in English, but after finishing the Greek tour, the guide will explain you all in English, she was very helpful. You will recognize the place because outside the house there is a canon.