Spetses Church of Agios Mamas

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Location: Town

Opposite Agios Mamas Beach, right at the turn of the road, you will find a quaint chapel dedicated to Saint Mamas.

Legend has it that the Church of Agios Mamas was built by a captain whose boat ran aground some 100 meters off the coast on the eve of the saint’s feast day. Grateful for escaping the storm that wrecked his caique, the captain decided to build a temple in honor of Saint Mamas on the very next day, and, since he had been transporting a cargo of grape must, he used must instead of water as a building material.

Every year on the 2nd of September, a delightful festival takes place at the small church. As Saint Mamas is considered the patron saint of children and domestic animals, carriage drivers take their horses there for the priest to bless them, while little children gather on the nearby beach after the evening mass carrying small boats adorned with flags, flowers, and candles and release them in the sea, making this one of the most remarkable and memorable celebrations on the island.



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