Find out everything about your holidays in Spetses on our travel guide! Just a two hours ferry ride away from Athens, Spetses island is one of the popular Greek islands not only for the Greeks who crave a weekend getaway but also for international travelers! Spetses has an arguably elegant atmosphere, mainly thanks to the Venetian mansions of its Town, which emit a vintage aura.

Spetses Town, the picturesque capital of the island is perfect for endless strolls, while there’s luscious swimming to be had at the secluded Spetses beaches. A selection of yacht marinas, boutique hotels, and sophisticated restaurants complete the unique atmosphere of Spetses.

Overall, Spetses Greece is an ideal destination for those who want to unwind and relax close -yet so far- from the Greek capital.

Let’s get lost in the magic world of Spetses! Find out how to get there and some amazing photos!!

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Sitting in the heart of the Saronic Gulf and belonging to the Saronic island group, Spetses Greece has a lot to offer in terms of beaches, sightseeing, and relaxation. An Athens to Spetses ferry ride will get you to the beautiful Aegean island in just a couple of hours. This is why the island has emerged as a great city break destination!

Spetses island Greece, and especially its picturesque main town, stands out for its architecture and elegance. This is mainly due to the Venetian mansions that lie in Spetses Town and the excellent boutique Spetses hotels that combine traditional with modern elements, in a unique way. In Spetses Town you won’t find any cars, as they are banned, so you can wander undisturbed and explore the picturesque town at your own pace.

Around Dapia, the main Spetses port, there is a selection of cafes and bars, ideal for a romantic sunset drink. In Dapia, you’ll also find, among others, the Spetses Museum and Anargyros mansion, two of the best places to visit in Spetses Greece. Strolling around Spetses Town, you’ll find even more places for sightseeing!

Spetses beaches are a reason unto themselves to visit Spetses island Greece! Vrellos, Agia Marina and Agia Paraskevi are the best beaches in Spetses. These beaches, though, are quite far from Spetses Town, so your best bet is to hire a car or take a bus to them. If you love sports, note that many athletic events, such as marathons, are often organized in Spetses, usually in autumn and spring.

So, if you seek an elegant destination for a getaway near Athens, look no further than Spetses!

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The most popular way to reach the island is by ferry. There are ferries to Spetses from Piraeus port in Athens but also from other islands of the Saronic islands and from the Peloponnese. The closest airport to Spetses is in Athens.


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  • Beautiful town
    The town of Spetses spreads on the slopes on a large hill. It has many picturesque spots, such as the port of Dapia and the beach promenade to the old port.
  • Old harbour
    The old Harbour of Spetses called Baltiza is located at a distance of one-and-a-half kilometers way from the New Harbour, known as Dapia.
  • Agia Paraskevi beach
    Agia Paraskevi is a nice beach with crystal water and lush green surroundings. Most beaches in Spetses have these characteristics. It can be accessed by bus from the town.
  • Museum of Bouboulina
    Only few steps from the port of Spetses is the interesting museum of the local heroine, Lascarina Bouboulina. The museum is housed in the old mansion of Bouboulina.
  • Armata Festival
    The impressive Festival of Armata takes place on the second weekend of September in Spetses. This festival hosts many events and peaks with the representation of a ship burning.